Is Your Linen Service or Uniform Rental Rep Too Good to be True?

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  Especially with Linen Service Prices.

It’s unfortunate companies still use these bait & switch practices, but they do – and it’s especially so for many Linen Service & Uniform Companies.  We have all dealt with these kinds of places.  A company offers the prospect exactly what they are looking for.  The sales rep is likable and seems to have all of the right answers.  You build a nice informal relationship, talk family, sports and what you like to do on your time off (sales technique: bonding and rapport).  WOW, they enjoy the same things you do (sales technique: mirroring)!  Who knew fly fishing was so popular in New York City?  The rep asks softball questions to direct the conversation and subtly approaches their current vendor problems (sales technique: pain, pain, pain).  Then, more questions to get the prospect thinking this rep and the new company really has something beneficial to offer.  Then comes the icing on the cake (mmmm mmm…cake).

sales rep

The Devil is in the Details

Marlon Brando said it best -“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”.  And then comes, do you think we are a fit for your business’ needs (sales technique: trial close)?

YES!  And why not, it seems like the deal of a lifetime!  How could the linen service company’s price be so low?  It’s almost half of the price of the competition (sales technique: creative inventory billing).   Think of the immediate savings!   Besides, the products and services seem to be better than your current suppliers products (sales technique: samples are always perfect).

Despite how great this meeting appears to be up until now, you really haven’t learned anything yet.  The service is based on the laundry and their service department, not the sales reps interest in Fly Fishing.  The products you’d receive on a regular basis are purchased by the plant and upper management – usually from the lowest bidder.  And the price?  You won’t know that until you read the fine print.  There is a good chance you’ll pay more over time with the new company.

Prevent these situations from happening at your business.

This is where Linen Service can help.  We have already researched the linen service companies in every geographical area for you.  The companies we work with are all pre-screened by our company.  We do this to ensure your business’s linens and laundry will be handled with the up-most care, with personal service by established businesses.  Linen Service takes the guess work out of figuring out if a company is legit or is going to “take you for a ride”.

Which company owner or manager has time to go out and interview linen service companies, hoping you pick the right one.  Let us at Linen Service handle the work for you.  Our service is free and you are under no obligation to work with the companies we recommend.  Call us today at 888.770.2489, or submit your business needs online  to receive up to 3 Free Estimates from quality linen and uniform services in your area.

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