As a business owner, you’re responsible for the safety of your employees and your clients or guests. We’ve got some articles for you to read.

How to Research a Linen and Uniform Company

linen and uniform company featured

Working with a new company can be scary. How do you know you’re working with a legitimate company? How do you know that they’re honest in their business practices? Essentially, how do you know that you can trust them? If you don’t do your research when it comes to linen and uniform companies, you could get locked into a contract that you don’t really understand.

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The Tide POD Challenge – Just Another Reason to Outsource Your Laundry

tide pod challenge

If you stay up to date with current trends and memes, you may have heard of the recent challenge teenagers and young adults are taking – the Tide POD challenge. If you haven’t heard of it, then you’ll probably be surprised to learn that teenagers have actually taken it upon themselves to eat laundry pods.

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Dirty Restaurant Kitchens – You Ain’t See Nothin’ Yet.

Dirty Restaurant KitchenA dirty restaurant kitchen screams volumes about your business – and not in a good way.  We’ve collected a variety of the dirtiest restaurant kitchen video’s for your viewing (not for the weak of stomach).

Roll the Video Tape!

Restaurant Manager Quotes – “Roaches are Everywhere”

Dirtiest Kitchen Nightmares – #DirtyDining

Mexican Restaurant Gets Closed Down for Dirty Kitchen Practices 

Reporter States – “Roaches have been replaced with Rodents”

Linen Finder, Inc acquires


December 11, 2014, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Mat Rentals – Safety Starts from the Ground Up

Linen Finder, Inc. has acquired the premium domain name,  This website will assist business owners and managers in locating a quality floor mat rental company in their area absolutely free.  Mats are essential to employee and customer safety, as well as offer unique branding opportunities.  The newest additional to Linen Finder’s web properties will officially be launched in the coming weeks.

Choosing to do business with a company when you have limited information is unnerving. Selecting a quality floor mat rental company can also be time consuming and often difficult to find. Linen Finder goes above and beyond researching floor mat services in the U.S. and Canada to hand select the best local providers in the industry to serve businesses. These companies have passed the company rigorous screening process, which is a primary factor for prospects who use Linen Finder’s websites.

For your company’s floor mat needs there is only one place you can trust to connect you with quality, selection and style at fair pricing:  Mat Rentals, A Linen Finder Company.

Mat Rentals, A Linen Finder Company

June 27th Industrial Workers of the World Day

Industrial workers of the world day is a day to celebrate the workers that produce the goods that we rely on to survive.  A lot of these workers put their life at risk daily to bring us the items we consume.  Some of these jobs include fisherman, roofers, electrical installers, construction workers, and iron workers.

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