Ideal Uniform Colors For Your Restaurant, Medical Facility, Or Business

Colors have a significant effect on your business. From the building exterior to the walls and carpeting, the colors in your office have a say. What about uniform colors, though? Does the color of your chef’s hat really affect the soufflé? Not directly, but yes. 

Employee uniforms do more than protect your employees from spills and hazards. They also influence their behaviors and attitudes. With productivity, creativity, and happiness of your employees and customers at risk, there’s no reason to ignore the effect your choice of uniform colors have on your business. 

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Halloween Costumes in Your Closet!

halloween costume ideas

This Halloween doesn’t need to be a costume nightmare. There are plenty of spooky and fun possibilities using the linens in your home! Read along for some Halloween costume ideas found in your closet or bedroom. 

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What To Do With Worn Out Linen

old linen

The EPA estimates that in 2015, 16 million tons of textiles were disposed of. That’s 6.1% of all municipal solid waste generated that year. Only 15.3% of that was recycled. 

If you have linen lying around that’s too worn out for its once daily uses, don’t let it just sit there waiting for an ecologically detrimental end. You can repurpose your old linen many ways.

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A Guide to Laundry Certifications

laundry certifications

Are you a laundry provider looking for new ways to highlight the work you put into your business? Or are you looking for a laundry provider to work with, but are confused as to what some of their certifications mean or if they’re important? Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

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4 Commercial Laundry Myths and Why They Aren’t True


laundry myths

If you’re thinking about outsourcing your linens and uniforms, you’re probably weighing the pros and cons. Is it worth it to work with a commercial laundry?

In order to make the best decision, it’s important to dispel some common commercial laundry myths that might have you worried about taking the plunge.

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