Industrial Laundering Services- More than Clean Threads

Industrial Laundering Services present your business with more than just clean uniforms. They play a pivotal role in crafting and preserving your corporate identity.

Companies spend a huge amount of money on advertising and branding. A quality industrial laundry service can also help to uplift the image of your company by enhancing the look of your employees. These cost effective laundry rental and service programs protect the logo on the uniforms of your employees and help to make a perfect first impression on your customers. They support your corporate image on the premises and in the field, while increasing the confidence of your employees.

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The In’s and Out’s of Hotel Laundry. In-House or Out-Source?

Linen and laundry are a crucial aspect of a hotel’s service, one that often doesn’t get thought about too much. Just like the linen and laundering in other industries such as restaurants and hospitals, it is usually a thankless business- one that is only considered when there are problems with quality, service, or costs. Hotel linen and uniform production are often times handled by the hotel on property. There are times, however, when it makes sense (and cents) to use an outside hotel laundry service.

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What To Do With Worn Out Linen

The EPA estimates that in 2015, 16 million tons of textiles were disposed of. That’s 6.1% of all municipal solid waste generated that year. Only 15.3% of that was recycled. 

If you have linen lying around that’s too worn out for its once daily uses, don’t let it just sit there waiting for an ecologically detrimental end. You can repurpose your old linen many ways.

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Uniform Services – A Necessary Tool For A Good Company’s Brand Image

Businesses today must do more with less, that’s why they have to continually find ways to strengthen their brand identity and establish a unique image.

From a marketing perspective, a business’s brand image and reputation is a vital factor in attaining and maintaining customers.

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Uniform Prices Keep Going Up

Uniform Services: A Consistent, Reliable And Affordable Answer To Your Company’s Uniform Needs

Linen and fabric prices are constantly rising. Cotton has increased over 45% since last year. This is just one aspect of the problem that the textile industry is facing; the major problem is getting the fabric! The textile industry is plagued with various problems right now from rising fabric prices to increasing transport prices.

Linen fabric is made from natural fibers popularly known as the flax fibre. Linen has again become popular, in clothing, due to its smooth and supple texture. It has a higher absorption quality; in addition the fabric can be worn in a hot and humid weather too. When your employees are adorned in linen uniforms, they feel good, as the fabric is not sticky. Moreover, the uniforms can be stitched with ease.

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