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The Different Kinds of Hotel Uniforms You Need

hotel uniforms

There is no way to imagine hotels without hotel uniforms. Whether you’re running a small hotel or a massive international chain, uniforms are part of the job – and for good reason!

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9 Awesome Laundry Storage Organizational Hacks for Your Commercial Business

laundry storage

No matter your industry, it’s likely you deal with the woes of storage and organization, especially when it comes to your linens, towels and uniforms. You have your business to run, but you also can’t leave your laundry strewn across your establishment.

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4 Winter Spa Treatments to Add to Your Spa Menu


As fall comes to a close and the weather gets chillier, we are craving warmth, comfort and moisture for our cold, dry skin. As a spa business, you should be taking advantage of these cravings and offering services that customers just can’t resist!

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Does Thread Count Matter? Picking the Right Hotel Linens

Does thread count matter-

You might assume that the strongest and best-quality fabrics have the highest thread count. Well, consider yourself warned: don’t fall for the thread count scheme! Don’t get sucked in by any so-called fancy feature! Focus on quality, not quantity.

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Austin Linen Service Robbed Us – If Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery, What is Plagiary?

I get it, it’s 2017. Things have changed. Ideas are shared – especially good ones. I’ve even been known to borrow a good idea or two (but I always return them!). What to do though when an upstart steals the core design concept and exact content of your website? Even the placement of the words and ampersands. Really my man, the &’s?

Fortunately some things haven’t changed in this digital era, like lawsuits.

Austin Linen Service Stealing Our Design and Ideas

“Hey, love your ideas… I’ll use them word for word.”

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