The Different Kinds of Hotel Uniforms You Need

hotel uniforms

There is no way to imagine hotels without hotel uniforms. Whether you’re running a small hotel or a massive international chain, uniforms are part of the job – and for good reason!

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9 Awesome Laundry Storage Organizational Hacks for Your Commercial Business

laundry storage

No matter your industry, it’s likely you deal with the woes of storage and organization, especially when it comes to your linens, towels and uniforms. You have your business to run, but you also can’t leave your laundry strewn across your establishment.

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5 Traditional Textiles and Fabrics from Around the World

fabrics from around the world

Whether your business uses tablecloths and napkins, bed linens, towels, or uniforms, your textiles follow a certain aesthetic that is standard across your industry and your business. But have you ever wondered what textiles and fabrics are traditional in other areas across the world?

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How To Create the Perfect Restaurant Table Setting

How To Set Up The Perfect Restaurant Table

Written by Samantha Miranda

When you walk into any restaurant, you smell the great food, you hear people talking and what do you see? Mostly customers sitting at the tables. The tables are where customers spend most of their time. That’s why tables are a hugely important part of restaurant decorating. There are a lot of elements that go into setting up the perfect restaurant table.

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The Science of Laundry

Science of Laundry

Written by Hannah Villarba

If you’re feeling a little down and the world seems to be giving you nothing but things to complain about, here’s one major thing to be thankful for: modern-day laundry. It does not sound like much, but considering that the human civilization started with urine as one of its very first cleaning agents, the laundry process we use today is a massive upgrade.

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