what employees want from linen

What Employees Want from Linen on the Job 

There’s a long list of ways that the quality of your linen supplies affects your business. They can affect customer experience. They can impact your operations. And certainly, they affect your budget. One of the most important impacts, however, is also one of the most overlooked. And that’s the fact that the quality of your linens directly – and primarily – impacts your employees. It’s important to know what employees want from linens on the job for this very reason.

This is What Employees Want from Linens on the Job

What kind of linens make a difference in your employees’ day-to-day work? In other words, what do employees actually want from their work linens? Here are some of the most common desires:

Hassle-Free Maintenance

It does not matter what industry you’re in. Maintaining linens clean for healthcare, food service, or hospitality is a tedious, expensive process. Not to mention, there are plenty of risks involved – risks that can threaten everything from productivity to customer experience. And these are burdens that your employees should not have to carry alone.

Superior Functionality and Quality  

Employees want and need work linens to have superior functionality and durability. Whether they’re linens that customers use or linens that employees use to shape the customer experience, quality is paramount. Poor quality linens can affect your employees’ productivity and efficiency. Thin kitchen linens? Scratchy bed and bath linens? Rough shop towels? All these can create a domino of negative effects that can ultimately derail your operations. Your employees want linens that work efficiently!


Aside from poor-quality linens, linen shortages can seriously hurt your operations. The last thing your employees want is to worry about having enough linens for their workday. What your employees need is for their linens to be available, accessible, and ready to use.

Getting the Kind of Linens Your Employees Need from Linen Service

It’s one thing to know exactly what employees want from linens on the job. It’s another to make sure that you provide what they’re looking for. And keeping up with your facility’s linen needs is never easy. It can weigh down your operations and derail your budget. For your day-to-day linens, switch to commercial linen service!

Here’s how the right service provider can boost your productivity and make work easier and more efficient for your employees:

  • Security and flexibility in meeting supply needs. With linen service, emergencies and fluctuations are no big deal. They can help you cope with the changes in your volume requirements, without so much as getting frazzled. And all that while helping you keep your operations smooth and your costs low.
  • Professional maintenance for commercial linens. Linen care is not only one of the most tedious parts of maintaining linen inventory. It is also the area most at risk for going over budget. With linen service, you can fully do away with all the costs that come with linen maintenance. The quality of professionally-maintained linens cannot be discounted, either. With a combination of expertise, experience, and specialized facilities, you get the assurance of consistently clean uniforms.
  • Quality control measures that ensure functionality and durability. The right linen service provider can ensure that your linens always meet your business’ biggest needs. It ensures improved efficiency and productivity.

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