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Ways to Lower the Cost of Service 

Ways to Lower the Cost of Your Linen, Uniform, Mat or Facility Service 

Linens, uniforms, mats, and facility maintenance products are costly. On top of acquiring them, you have to shell out a great deal more just to maintain them. More often than not, finding ways to lower the cost of them comes with the risk of jeopardizing quality. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

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Are Restaurant Linens With High Thread Counts More Expensive?

The thread count in linen refers to the counting of fabric for every one square inch of material. The fact is that as the thread goes finer, the result is a higher count of thread per area. Higher thread counts of thread are linens that are extremely soft whereas lower thread counts are less soft. In most of the thread counts in restaurant linens, there is an average count of one thousands fabric in every square inch. Moreover, there are restaurant linens that are sold in the market with a thread count of a hundred and eighty to four hundred fabrics in a square inch. It is a fabric that is not so soft but could still offer convenience and comfort. It is still regarded by consumers as linens that provide comfort with the highest quality that can compete with higher count of threads.

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Linen Service & Laundry Jobs

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Linen Service Jobs!

Restaurant Linen & Uniforms – Are They Really That Important?

Quality restaurant linen and uniforms, coupled with delicious food, can give emphasis to your restaurant’s identity. Your unique style of designing the interior with restaurant linens is a very powerful visual statement. At a glance, customers can elaborate that your restaurant staff has the capability of providing good food as well as quality service. Whether you are serving gourmet steaks, budget meals, or “NY Style Pizza”, your establishment’s service and identity is reflected in part through the quality of the table linen and staff uniforms. For the server uniforms, it is also a factor that reflects the image you are trying to create.Restaurant Tablecloths and napkin service

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Textile Rental Companies & Laundries Go Green with Safer Chemicals

The linen supply and laundry industry is presently endorsing safer surfactants in laundering restaurant linens. For many years, most of the laundry services were not using environmental friendly products such as safe surfactants. They used to do laundry using the traditional method which is through the use of toxic chemicals, which are then drained into the sewer water. The name of this harmful chemical is nonylphenol ethoxylate. The outcomes of laundering restaurant linens in the traditional way provide toxicity to the local waste water and thus pose a threat to our environment. Moreover, it is the reason why the Trade Association of laundry companies encourages the use of safe detergents. Laundry ESP, (the industry’s Environmental Stewardship Program), has worked for over six years to help make industrial laundry’s more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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