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Green Laundry Detergent vs Regular Laundry Detergent & Other Sustainable Laundry Practices

green laundry detergent vs regular

Whether you own a restaurant, spa or hotel, linen maintenance can completely take over your day-to-day structure. On top of this time-consuming endeavor, you’ve heard about the negative health implications and environmental impacts of many mainstream products.

And, even if the environment isn’t on the top of your radar, with the current environmental concerns customers now hold an expectation in businesses to shift to more eco-friendly practices. And if you don’t? You may lose customers to your competitor who is doing what they can to help the earth.

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5 Ways Commercial Laundry Technology Has Revolutionized the Industry

How has commercial laundry technology changed the industry_

It doesn’t take an industry expert to see that laundry technology has come a long way from the first concept of mechanized laundry in the mid-1800s. Commercial laundry is also no longer the painstaking, manual-labor-heavy industry it used to be at the turn of the 21st century.

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Austin Linen Service Robbed Us – If Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery, What is Plagiary?

I get it, it’s 2017. Things have changed. Ideas are shared – especially good ones. I’ve even been known to borrow a good idea or two (but I always return them!). What to do though when an upstart steals the core design concept and exact content of your website? Even the placement of the words and ampersands. Really my man, the &’s?

Fortunately some things haven’t changed in this digital era, like lawsuits.

Austin Linen Service Stealing Our Design and Ideas

“Hey, love your ideas… I’ll use them word for word.”

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Linen Finder Expands to Australia


Fort Lauderdale, FL – May 12, 2016

Linen Finder Expands Outside North America to Australia

Linen Finder, Inc, a leading provider of new business development marketing for the outsourced commercial laundry market today announced that they are expanding its coverage area.  Starting this month, the company will now service businesses in Australia looking for quality linen and uniform services.  Currently, Linen Finder services both the United States and Canada in matching restaurants, healthcare providers, hotels, retail, industrial and other professional businesses with pre-screened companies in these countries.  These linen supply and uniform rental companies pass rigorous screening in order to ensure high customer satisfaction.  Suppliers in Australia have already begun this process.  Other linen and uniform companies in Australia are encouraged to contact Linen Finder in Australia at +61.1800.886.173 or +1.888.770.2489 while space remains in the program.

Linen Finder AustraliaThrough this expansion, business owners in Australia will be able to use Linen Finder’s websites to find high-grade linen services, towel programs, uniform services, mats and facility supplies and more.  As phone formats and geographical codes vary compared to North America, Linen Finder has created websites more user friendly for Australian visitors.

“Given the language commonality and heavy demand for commercial services in Australia, this was the next logical step for us – we’ve had Australia on our radar for a long time but the timing hadn’t been right”, said Jeff Wile, the company’s founder.  Marilyn Perez, Director of Marketing, also weighed in on the expansion, “We are excited to provide new opportunities to Australian business owners as we’ve been doing successfully in the US & Canada.”

For questions regarding this release, Linen Finder’s services, or for businesses needing to find quality Linen and Uniform Providers please Contact Us.

“If There Isn’t Dirty Linen, You’re Not Making Money”


My first trip to a commercial laundry plant began at noon. We drove to a local plant and as soon as I entered, it hit me. This place was hotter than waiting in a car without AC in the middle of a blistering hot Florida afternoon. I grasp my forehead as I feel the sweat trickling down my face. I stroll around the plant and with every step I took, I felt more at a loss of breath. All that was going on in my mind was “how do the employees stand working here all day every day??”

I met several employees and the owner of the company stated a quote that stuck by me forever “If there isn’t dirty linen, you’re not making money,” in regards to the smelly pile of used linen outside behind me. I slowly turn to notice the pile he is referring to and then wish I hadn’t. The pile was as large as a mountain and if I had a dollar for every fly I saw swarming around the pile, I’d be swimming in cash.

The company then washes and presses the dirty linen in the most impeccable method – you would never in a million years think you could get them as clean as they were processed. I noticed the perfectly folded linen and squeaky clean floor mats and could feel the pride that the employees expressed whenever they created this artwork. They sweated over the machinery and smiled at their finished products.

The laundry’s equipment was so loud I could not hear my own thoughts. They towered over me and I was highly intimidated by the size of these monstrous machines. The actual plant was not that large, yet the machinery made it seem as though I was in NYC’s Time Square surrounded by giant skyscrapers that made so much noise there was no escape from it.

My journey was soon over as I returned back to the office. There was a part of me that did not want to leave, I was still in awe at the amazement of the clean linen and the hard work the employees had to labor over and my dehydration was begging for a cool environment and water.  I returned back in the hopes that this was not my last trip to a laundry plant but next time I’ll come better prepared.