On Websites, In Business and Across Sports – Speed Kills

Speed Kills. So how does this affect your restaurant, healthcare facility, gym, industrial company, commercial laundry or other business type?  Customers demand more efficient processes and faster response time.  Don’t respond to a text message in a few minutes, you’ll likely get a call.  Sit on an email for over a day – you are probably in store for less kind words in the next message.  This is the world we live in. This means we all need to be smarter, more efficient… and FASTER.

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Staff Bow Tie Day

Nothing says chic, fancy and formal in one package better than staff bow ties. It can also come off hipster-ish of sorts if it comes with the right combination of hipster-inspired outfits. When it comes to company uniforms, however, tradition dictates that using bow ties are mostly limited to one color, which mostly comes off as very formal.

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your company uniforms with bow ties but you’re hoping to veer away from the formality of the little fashionable accents, you may want to try out these new trends:

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Once Upon A Time Before Napkin Service

In A TIme Before Napkins

In A TIme BN (Before Napkins)

There is no doubt that a well-ironed linen napkin dignifies a dinner table and gives a touch of class and distinction to the dining experience.  But once upon a time, before napkins, princes and princesses used to wipe their hands after meals on their own clothing.  This was a time before utensils were even around so imagine that huge mess!  The Ancient Greeks used to wipe their hands clean with bread dough.  For families that were not wealthy this was not even an option.  The Ancient Romans used pieces of cloth they called Mappa as napkins. These napkins also doubled as “doggie bags” as they would wrap food to go in them too.

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The Linen Finder Approved Company & Supplier Badge

Linen Service and Uniform Supplier Badge

The Linen Finder Approved Supplier Badge

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We’re excited to introduce our official The Linen Finder Approved Company & Supplier Badge.  This certification signals to businesses and potential customers that a particular linen or uniform service  has met the criteria to be affiliated with Linen Finder.
Get the criteria and full details for the program on Linen Finder’s network of company websites:






Austin Linen Service Robbed Us – If Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery, What is Plagiary?

I get it, it’s 2017. Things have changed. Ideas are shared – especially good ones. I’ve even been known to borrow a good idea or two (but I always return them!). What to do though when an upstart steals the core design concept and exact content of your website? Even the placement of the words and ampersands. Really my man, the &’s?

Fortunately some things haven’t changed in this digital era, like lawsuits.

Austin Linen Service Robbed Us

“Hey, love your ideas… I’ll use them word for word.”

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