Biggest Expenses in Linen Management 

Business linens do not come cheap; that needs no explanation. However, do you know what the biggest expenses in linen management are?

A Breakdown of the Biggest Expenses in Linen Management

There are many factors that contribute to how much your linen supply and care is costing your business. Pinpointing what those costs are can help you move forward with your linen management goals. Whether you’re looking to cut costs or make simple adjustments, this list is for you. Here’s a breakdown of the biggest expenses in linen management:

Purchasing Linens

Directly buying your linens easily takes the cake when it comes to the biggest expenses in linen management. And as is often the case with COGs, higher quality items come at a steeper price. Keeping within budget is then a careful balancing act between meeting quality requirements and volume needs.


The cost of linen maintenance is never straightforward or predictable. Maintaining your laundry is a multi-faceted endeavor that, in money-speak, translates to multiple financial drains. 

The most significant of these expenses is equipment. And the cost of buying your laundry equipment does not just stop with buying. Laundry machines need constant and long-term maintenance to operate. And if you run into some issue with your equipment, which you will, eventually, you’re also looking at hefty costs. Your laundry operations will also incur labor and utility costs. All these add up to high monthly linen management bills.

Linen Replacement

Linen loss is a massive problem in every industry. It’s also one of the most senseless expenses relating to in-house linen management. In the healthcare industry alone, linen loss costs the industry nearly $1 billion a year. Replacing lost linens is even more expensive than the initial upfront investment itself. Replacement costs take up more than 20% of the linen and laundry cost. That’s in no way negligible but it does not have to be inevitable, either!

Here’s the thing: your linen management does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. In-house linen care is not your only option. Enter: linen service.

Is Hiring Linen Service the Cost-Saving Solution You Need?

The answer is a resounding YES! How does a professional linen service save you big bucks, you ask? Here’s how:

  • Zero upfront investment costs. Linen services let you get all the linens you need without having to shell out a big amount. Neither does your business have to work with a fixed linen supply. That means more flexibility to meet your fluctuating needs. And this, without having to pay for or store anything beyond what you need for a period of time.
  • Zero maintenance overhead costs. Linen services also help you with all of your linens’ maintenance needs. This saves you from having to hire additional employees to operate and manage your linen care facility. You are also not saddled with the costs of utilities and other overheads. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about having to purchase or maintain any laundry equipment.
  • Supply security with safeguards against linen loss. The right linen service comes equipped with a linen loss protection system. This not only prevents the ensuing cost that results from the losses. This also helps smooth out the kinks of your linen management, by creating an accurate, easy-to-follow paper trail. It eliminates linen loss risks in multiple areas of the linen handling process. Most importantly, it helps ensure the accuracy of your invoices.

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