Should You Rent or Buy Linens?

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So you are a restaurant, industrial, automotive, hospital owner or manager looking for a new linen service. Perhaps you are sick of your old service or you are starting a fresh new business and have no clue on whether you should rent your linen or buy them.  You might not even know the difference between the two.  Do not fear, we are here to help.

Purchasing Linen

First let’s look at the purchasing option.  Linen purchasing companies allow businesses to buy linen, towels, and facility services without the requirement of returning them or signing up for a maintenance plan.


– The linens are yours and you are able to use them for any of your business needs.

– You are able to customize them to fit your unique brand.


– Purchasing linen is a high up front expense.

– You have to have room to store all the linens at your location.

– Locating a company that offers COG (Customer Owned Goods) laundry service is more difficult than a rental service.

– You are responsible to replace your worn out items, whereas rental companies replace worn out products mostly free-of-charge.


Renting Linen

Now for the easier, safer, and more affordable option: renting linen. Renting linen is a more stress-free alternative for businesses.


– Less up front costs than purchasing linen and laundry equipment.

– Only the space to store the items in use are needed – the linen service company stores the replacements at their facility.

– The linen service company launders the items which prevents you (the business owner) from having to purchase expensive equipment or hire staff to handle the laundry.

– You are essentially hiring a service rather than just renting linen itself.  They come in, pick up the items, launder them, and return them in a timely fashion so you always have linens when you need them most.

– The company also replaces worn out items at no charge to you.


-There is less room to customize the linens based on your company’s personality.

Whichever option works better for your business whether it’s renting or purchasing linen, uniforms and more, we are available to guide you into the direction of a quality service that will help you with your decision. Call us at 888-770-2489 today and you will be given up to 3 free quotes from sales representatives in your area.