How to Hire a Linen Service

There have been too many times where you would fear calling on the phone, because of the anxiety of speaking with the dreaded representatives.  Worry no more! Call Linen Service and you will be speaking with the friendliest representatives known to man.  There have been many times where I would talk to a representative on the phone and felt widely overwhelmed.  This isn’t due to poor customer service, though. Actually, amidst all the friendly laughter and hospitality, I unfortunately felt that they were more knowledgeable than I was.  This intimidated me and I handled the situation terribly because my mind thought the agents that I was speaking with were being drained of their energy speaking to me, someone with little knowledge on their merchandise.

However, when speaking on the phone with Linen Service you realize it is unlike any other.  The customer service is there for you.  We break the process down simply for you so that you know what you’re getting involved with.  We ask you simple questions which you already know the answers to and don’t have to fumble around searching online for what we are trying to get at.  Best of all, no matter how complicated the situation may be, we are always speaking with warmth and comfort so that you do not feel like you’re being interrogated by a police officer.

Get on the phone with a customer service representative in Linen Service today, you won’t regret it. If you feel it is time to take the next step with your business and invest in a quality service, call us.  Right when you get in touch with us, you will hear the comfort of a friendly voice who feels almost like family.  We will guide you towards the right path and then we are able to contact a service in your area for further assistance. From there, the friendliness just continues.  When you speak with your local rep, they will give you the exact same respect and care as the customer service agent did, and before you know it you will have a quality linen service within seconds!  Don’t be shy, call us today at 888-770-2489 or visit

This is what you will not receive when you call us for service: