What Is Linen Service?

One of the questions we get asked on a regular basis is “What does a linen service actually do?”  When you’re in the textile industry it’s easy to forget that not everyone just automatically knows what a linen service is and what it includes. There are business owners and managers that don’t even know this type of service exists for their industry– especially owners that are newly established.

So to answer the question – A linen service company provides linen and uniform rentals or laundry services of commonly used items on a regularly scheduled basis.  If you utilize a linen rental service this means that the linen and uniform service company owns the linens, they bring the items to your business, when they are soiled they pick them up, launder them at their facility, and return the products to you on your set schedule.  A commercial laundry service on the other hand picks up the linens you already own and launders them.

Listed below are just a few industries that rely on linens and uniforms and can definitely benefit from utilizing a professional service:

Restaurant Linen and Uniform Rentals and Laundry Service

Restaurants/Bars – From tablecloths, napkins, chef coats, staff uniforms, towels, mops, floor mats and facility services these are just some of the items a linen and uniform service can ensure you will always have readily available – especially on the busiest nights.

Linen Service Medical Uniform Practice

Medical Facilities – Patient gowns, lab coats, scrubs, sheets, surgical towels, pillowcases, floor mats, facility services.

Hotel motel lodging facility linen service

Hotels – Sheets, towels, pillowcases, bath robes employee uniforms, mops, floor mats and facility services.

Industrial Uniform Services

Industrial Businesses – Uniform services for automotive, HVAC, electrical, clean room, landscaping, construction, delivery company, business uniforms, etc.

Salon and Spa Service

Salons/Spas – Towels, sheets, employee uniforms, bath robes.

A qualified linen and uniform service professional can create a unique program that fits your business’s needs while also saving you time and money!  If you still have questions on linen & uniform service rentals or laundry service or are interested in obtaining your free no obligation quote please visit http://www.linenservice.com/company-info/frequently-asked-questions/ or call us at 888-770-2489.