Textile Rental Companies & Laundries Go Green with Safer Chemicals

The linen supply and laundry industry is presently endorsing safer surfactants in laundering restaurant linens. For many years, most of the laundry services were not using environmental friendly products such as safe surfactants. They used to do laundry using the traditional method which is through the use of toxic chemicals, which are then drained into the sewer water. The name of this harmful chemical is nonylphenol ethoxylate. The outcomes of laundering restaurant linens in the traditional way provide toxicity to the local waste water and thus pose a threat to our environment. Moreover, it is the reason why the Trade Association of laundry companies encourages the use of safe detergents. Laundry ESP, http://www.laundryesp.com (the industry’s Environmental Stewardship Program), has worked for over six years to help make industrial laundry’s more efficient and environmentally friendly.

The encouragement from laundry environmental stewardship program into compulsory makes use of safe detergents in laundering services, which offers a breakthrough in going green. Another function of this program is to perform assessments and evaluate the linen industry’s progress. Once launched, the evaluation has recorded an increased progress in eliminating us of harmful surfactants in laundry services. It is also proud to announce that the laundry industry has reduced and continues to make strides in conserving its water and energy usage. Thus, eliminating the use of harmful chemicals, reducing waste water, and operating with energy efficient equipment will help the industry “go green” and help to contribute to a positive future in local communities.