Mother’s Day Ideas For A Successful Restaurant Experience

This Sunday, we offer praise and gratitude to our mothers, even though mothers should be celebrated everyday of the year.  Here are some ideas your restaurant can implement to help families spoil their moms on this special day and keep you 1 step ahead of your competition:

1.  Hand out flowers – At the entrance have a designated employee hand out a rose or flower to every lady as a gift.  This is a nice and inexpensive way to celebrate Mother’s Day and bring smiles even before they walk into your doors.

2.  Hire a DJ – A great DJ can liven up any day.  Play music depending on the time of day and the type of establishment you have.

3.  Price Fixed Menu – By offering a priced fixed menu it allows businesses to be prepared for a rush (as most people will order from the price fixed menu to save money).

4.  Prepare for Kids – Most people are going to come out to eat with their children (it is a Mother’s Day celebration after all).  Offer a children’s menu with items that younger kids like to eat.  If possible have some entertainment for kids at the table such as small coloring books and crayons or little peg games.

5.  Scope Out The Competition – Find out what they are offering and offer something better.  If they are giving away free dessert give a free appetizer with meal purchase.

6.  Check Your Decor – Get nice ornaments like flowered vases, floating candles , place greeting cards on the table, or print your menu on special stationary for the day!  Use table linens and napkins to seal the day and make it memorable for everyone dining at your location.

7.  Create a YouTube Video – Have your chef prepare a special dish that is going to be served on Mother’s Day and place it on your restaurant’s Facebook, Twitter and/or Google + page!

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