That’s Not What I Ordered For My Restaurant! True Linen Service Stories

Linen service companies can make their service and products look very appealing, but what they dish out can be completely different.  They can show you items from a catalog that can look like the exact items you want for your restaurant, while offering them at a price that seems more than reasonable.  Sounds good so far right?

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Don’t settle for just OK linen service, our pre-screened vendors provide proven excellent service and quality products to their customers.

BEWARE…once you sign up for service and your new delivery man comes with your first order and you see subpar items, or even worse, wrong items, what do you do?  Yell at the driver?  Call your salesman?  These are items you didn’t order, or items you did order, that are just unacceptable.  You can’t put these tablecloths on a table for customers to see. This is a huge mess!  Where are the products you ordered?  Remember that shiny catalog the rep used to pitch his company and their services to you?  It’s so important to keep in mind when viewing items from a catalog, these catalog companies are paid to make the products that are on their pages highlight and feature every good point and appeal to the eyes of the consumer viewing their items.  That is why it is so important to do business with a reputable restaurant linen company, who has great reviews and longtime customers that would not even consider switching to a different company.

There are so many linen service situations that we come across with new customers. A restaurant owner ordered white napkins with “XYZ linen service” and 2 days before the opening of their new restaurant their rep calls them and says, OOPS sorry, we don’t have any white napkins. If the sales rep would have been up front in the first place and said, we only carry these certain colors, or we don’t carry this item but give them a reasonable alternative, the restaurant owner would not be in the situation they are in now, frantically calling us for help 2 days before their grand opening. With so many other details to worry over especially when opening a new restaurant, questions such as do we have enough staff for our opening day, did we advertise enough, are the menu items and the food we need to open readily available… linen service should not be one of those details that is not taken care of ahead of time.

Don’t settle for just OK linen service, our pre-screened vendors provide proven excellent service and quality products to their customers. Linen service should be one of those things you don’t have to think about once you sign up with a quality linen supplier. These linen service companies are experts at what they do, and can help business owners set up a linen program that works for them, with what they need, and fit within their company’s budget.

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