Restaurant Linen Supply Companies Help Clean Up the Mess!

You’re sitting in an elaborate restaurant having a celebratory dinner with your closest friends & family.  Everyone is in a great mood and ready to eat. Your waiter comes, is prompt, flashes a large smile making you feel welcome and takes your drink and food orders with ease.  The order comes and NOOOOOO!  The waiter has spilled one of the drinks all over the floor.  Of course not the glass of water but the glass of expensive red wine.  He leaves the food half served, scrambles to the back of the restaurant to find a mop and he finds one that looks like it has been dragged through mud. None of the employees or managers has cleaned it in ages.  The rags are worse; they are dingy (almost black) and almost ripped from over-washing. The customers are annoyed, their food is getting cold, the waiter has been gone a long time and there is still wine spilled right by their table.  If I would have only met with the Restaurant Linen Supply rep last week!  What a disaster!  How can the waiter clean up this mess in front of the customers without the right supplies?

dining room of restaurant

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Make sure this doesn’t happen at your restaurant.  This scenario would have been avoided if the restaurateur had a service contract with a restaurant linen supply company.  A reliable company will ensure you always have clean and sharp looking linens, towels, mops and cleaning supplies at your disposal.  A restaurant linen supply contract can be set up in accordance to the needs of your restaurant.  There are many items that Linen Service companies offer that could have helped out in this situation such as Microfiber towels which will soak up any spills with ease, Bar towels designed to absorb liquid and mops heads which will ensure the floor is squeaky clean for future use. This items will avoid the awkward situation of trying to clean up a mess with soiled towels or a dirty mop in front of customers. More importantly, it will eliminate the possibly of losing a repeat customer or worse – having negative reviews written about your locations which will be read by future potential customers.

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