How Important is Customer Satisfaction for Linen Services?

Customer satisfaction can make or break any business.  Ever call a business where you can’t get anyone on the phone? How about speaking to someone who doesn’t know the business they are in and can’t answer your questions?  It seems many times like you know more than they do about the company they represent.  Those are not companies anyone would want to work with and most likely you will look to find a new business where you receive the quality service you expect.

Customer Satisfaction for Linen Services

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Customer satisfaction is crucial in the Textile Service Industry and to be honest – most linen companies suck.  It’s not just about how many trucks you have or how much ground you cover, but also the ongoing relationships you maintain with your customers. At the end of the day, how are you and the company addressing their needs?  Is your facility able to accommodate last minute emergencies?  When a customer calls for service do they get a knowledgeable representative on the line?  Reliable customer support is crucial to ensuring a positive customer experience.  Knowing what is most important to each of your customers is vital to the success of your business. Often this gets overlooked and your clients notice.

How much does your customer know about your business?  Does your sales and service department “Post Sell”. Industry-specific insight will ensure that you and your client are on the same page.  Have you considered giving your customers new product updates and releases? Technology is always moving forward and a big part of future success will come from working with a company that keeps pace with its customers’ needs and technological advances.  RFID chips, sophisticated counting systems, and advanced washing technology are a few recent topics, but what’s coming next??

Many textile services offer similar service items including uniforms, mops, napkins, tablecloths, sheets, towels, etc. but it is the service you provide that will set your linen service company apart from the rest and secure long term customers. It will also ensure your customers won’t jump ship for a penny savings – or will at least give you the opportunity to match the competitor’s quote.

Ready to find the right Linen Service Company for your business?  Contact us at 888.770.2489 and get a free quote!