The Top 5 Linen and Uniform Industry Trends

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Healthcare services expected to rise

The linen and uniform industry is full of competition, which means either be on the cutting edge or get left behind. There are many ways that linen and uniform companies try to stand out above the rest, but where should you invest your time and money? Here are the top trends that will affect your linen and uniform company in 2015:

1. Increased Productivity – New innovations allowing for increased automation will become available in 2015 with new and improved flatwork ironing machines and automated washrooms. The new machinery will allow your company to cut costs and increase employee output per hour.

2. Health Care Sales Growth – As the baby boomer generation continues to age so will the need for healthcare services to take care of them. The demand for healthcare linen services will continue to rise, so 2015 is a great time to decide how your company will handle this industry growth.

3. Automating Sales– Many businesses are already taking advantage of this helpful technology, but if yours isn’t you should seriously consider implementing it in 2015. Automating sales allows your company to watch the effectiveness of your sales representatives and ensure they are closing as many accounts as possible.

4. GPS Based Route Automation – Who wouldn’t want to cut their delivery times and gas bills? GPS based route automation is becoming a staple technology for most laundry service companies. It accurately tracks your shipments and ensures your delivering to your customers in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

5. A Development in Nano-Fabrics – The final trend to look for in 2015 and beyond is already being tested in many R&D departments around the world. Imagine linens that automatically dispel odors, stains, and other contaminants; or even chemical dyes in linens that destroy viruses and bacteria. These technological breakthroughs may not happen in 2015 but they will eventually happen, and when they do you should be ready for them.

In an already fast paced industry, 2015 will be a year of new developments and innovation. Just doing what you have always done for the last 100 years will not work anymore, be prepared for change and embrace it to make 2015 a year of growth and success.

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