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How To Choose The Right Restaurant Linen & Uniform Service

The number one factor to consider is quality. Most restaurant linen supply companies offer two material types for their table linen. Make sure they show you samples of how the product will look delivered (not new out of the package). Spun polyester table linen have the following attributes:

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Restaurant Linen: Cost-effective Solutions to Beautify Your Restaurant

There is a popular saying “First impression is the only impression”. This proverb is completely true when it comes to fine dining. People are drawn to places that are nicely done. If detailed consideration to ambiance and décor is given, people are definitely going to get enjoy their time (assuming the food is delicious and service is attentive).

Usually the best ways to decorate and design your restaurant involve huge amounts of money. However, where there is a will there is a way (or wealthy relatives). Keeping this saying in mind you can give your creativity a thought and come out with cost effective, innovative and attractive ideas to decorate your restaurant.

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How To Create the Perfect Restaurant Table Setting

How To Set Up The Perfect Restaurant Table

Written by Samantha Miranda

When you walk into any restaurant, you smell the great food, you hear people talking and what do you see? Mostly customers sitting at the tables. The tables are where customers spend most of their time. That’s why tables are a hugely important part of restaurant decorating. There are a lot of elements that go into setting up the perfect restaurant table.

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4 Winter Spa Treatments to Add to Your Spa Menu


As fall comes to a close and the weather gets chillier, we are craving warmth, comfort and moisture for our cold, dry skin. As a spa business, you should be taking advantage of these cravings and offering services that customers just can’t resist!

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Are Restaurant Linens With High Thread Counts More Expensive?

The thread count in linen refers to the counting of fabric for every one square inch of material. The fact is that as the thread goes finer, the result is a higher count of thread per area. Higher thread counts of thread are linens that are extremely soft whereas lower thread counts are less soft. In most of the thread counts in restaurant linens, there is an average count of one thousands fabric in every square inch. Moreover, there are restaurant linens that are sold in the market with a thread count of a hundred and eighty to four hundred fabrics in a square inch. It is a fabric that is not so soft but could still offer convenience and comfort. It is still regarded by consumers as linens that provide comfort with the highest quality that can compete with higher count of threads.

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