How To Create the Perfect Restaurant Table Setting

How To Set Up The Perfect Restaurant Table

Written by Samantha Miranda

When you walk into any restaurant, you smell the great food, you hear people talking and what do you see? Mostly customers sitting at the tables. The tables are where customers spend most of their time. That’s why tables are a hugely important part of restaurant decorating. There are a lot of elements that go into setting up the perfect restaurant table.

Here are the things you’ll want to know how to do:

How to Set Up Table Silverware

Silverware is an easy part of setting up the table. Usually forks, knives and spoons are wrapped up in a napkin and placed to the side of the table setting. This helps save space and makes room for other items. When choosing the silverware, the thicker and heavier it is, the more elegant and fancy the setup should be. Additionally, wrapping up the silverware in a linen napkin is much more formal than a paper napkin and it will make the table look cleaner.

How to Choose the Best Centerpieces

The centerpiece of the table is the first thing customers will see when sitting down. You want to make sure it is aesthetically pleasing and matches the style of restaurant. Centerpieces could be composed of flowers, glass, candles, etc. Sometimes simple is better. If the centerpiece takes up too much room, the customers won’t have enough space to eat.

How to Know if Your Table is Cluttered

When picking all the items for the table, make sure to choose items that coordinate in size so the setting doesn’t look too messy. The centerpieces should complement the plates on the table. The size of the silverware needs to match in size with the plates as well. Also, if using placemats, they need to be sized with the plates so that nothing looks disoriented. If all items are not matched, the table will look awkward and uncomfortable.

How to Decide on the Best Type of Table Linen

Table linen is what brings the entire table together. When picking a tablecloth, consider the length and color. You want a tablecloth that isn’t too long that it could get stuck somewhere, but also one that isn’t so short that it could fall easily. Most restaurants decide on white for the color of the tablecloths. You can choose whatever color you want, as long as your choice coordinates with the style of the restaurant and matches the napkins.

Setting up the perfect restaurant table has a lot of components to it, but it can also be very fun. Be creative when picking everything out, as your choices brighten your restaurant.                       

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