How To Choose The Right Restaurant Linen & Uniform Service

The number one factor to consider is quality. Most restaurant linen supply companies offer two material types for their table linen. Make sure they show you samples of how the product will look delivered (not new out of the package). Spun polyester table linen have the following attributes:

1. Heavier than cotton, giving you more options for folding and set up.

2. Durable and has a longer life span.

3. Stain resistant, however doesn’t absorb liquid like cotton.

4. Usually less expensive to rent than cotton.

Cotton table linens have the following attributes:

1. More absorbent.

2. More expensive to rent.

3. Shorter life span, usually requiring a higher replacement

4. Lighter weight and softer.

After you select the material you like, the next step is to choose a color. The two most common colors are white and ivory. Sometimes restaurateurs try to get too creative with their color selection. It is important for the linen to compliment your dining room, not to be the focus of the dining room. Wild combinations such as yellow napkins and purple table cloths are never a good idea how many “successful” restaurants do you know that have wild color schemes? The greatest eateries usually go with white, black, ivory, or even burgundy and tan. Try to keep it simple, subtle, and classy. If you do choose a color outside of the industry standard colors, make certain your linen service company has purchased enough linen to supply your needs. They should buy around 3 times the amount of linen you need delivered weekly. The second most important factor to consider is customer service. Confirm with your company representative that they are available for 7 day emergency service (and see if they charge extra for that). Your linen service should also give you a delivery window so they show up when it is convenient for the restaurant. It is also ideal to have a steady route driver so they get to know your account and your weekly usage. Lastly, get a few customer referrals to call to make sure the company can deliver the service they claim. The final deciding factor when selecting your linen supply company is price. Have the company sales representative thoroughly explain the billing system and what they charge for. There are many different billing systems and a variety of “ancillary” charges you need to be aware of when selecting a linen rental company for your restaurant. Couple the industry advice above with your personal tastes; You can’t go wrong! If you would like to receive up to 3 free, no-risk quotes, Linen Finder can help today. Please visit our Restaurant Page.