Quality Healthcare Uniform Rental Services

Healthcare Uniform Rental Services:  Complete solutions for your Hospital, Clinic or Healthcare Facility staff.

Healthcare uniform rentals provide advanced, productive, cost effective solutions to your hospital’s uniform needs. These items must be processed with the right equipment and systems.  The most qualified healthcare laundries use precautionary delivery systems, proper soil care, shuttle conveyors and safe route storage.  Prior to the washing process, every uniform is carefully inspected for loose items such as pens, receipts and other things frequently items found in medical wear.  The laundry and cleaning process commences with a hand touch, individual attention and machine counting.

Medical Staff Uniforms

Safety and hygiene is the most critical factor when it comes to healthcare and medical uniforms.  Uniform companies are able to present solutions that will save your money, increase personnel safety and decrease patient risk.  These programs also help to display a unified, professional appearance and also make staff easily identifiable.  These uniform services also provide custom logo embroidery to improve your healthcare facility’s image.  There are different methods to apply digital images to your uniforms.  You can also have employees names and titles directly applied (might not be the best idea to do this for new employees if your turnover rate is high) badges.

The are many certifications laundries work to achieve to demonstrate to healthcare providers they maintain the highest laundering and safety standards.  These companies process healthcare uniforms following the guidelines designed for healthcare facilities, so you can concentrate on providing patients with the care they deserve.  Healthcare uniform rental services outfit your medical staff in the style of your choice; provide weekly uniform rentals, uniform cleaning, maintenance (including replacements) and restorations as needed.  The best companies are dedicated to supplying you with high-quality uniform rentals and service. They provide a wide variety of additional items as well including bed linen, towels, pillow cases, surgical towels, floor mats and microfiber mops.

Comfort, style, protection and price are of paramount importance to the healthcare providers looking for a service.  In order to assist you choosing the right uniforms for your staff, make sure to try on samples from your sales rep.  It’s important each member of your team has a uniform they are comfortable wearing daily.   The uniforms should be labeled by employee (and ideally RFID Chipped) to ensure accuracy and ease of distribution.

Our customer service agents are ready to assist you today in finding the right uniform solution for your healthcare facility.   By their re-usable nature, healthcare uniform rentals are an eco-friendly service.  As importantly, they will help you maintain a healthier and cleaner workplace.

If you are in the market for a medical uniform, lab coat or scrub service for your healthcare facility we can help!  We work with the best local healthcare laundry services in your area.  Call us at 888-770-2489 or visit our medical services page at www.linenservice.com/medical-linen/ to be connected with a healthcare uniform and linen service provider near you today for a free quote!