Are Restaurant Linens With High Thread Counts More Expensive?

The thread count in linen refers to the counting of fabric for every one square inch of material. The fact is that as the thread goes finer, the result is a higher count of thread per area. Higher thread counts of thread are linens that are extremely soft whereas lower thread counts are less soft. In most of the thread counts in restaurant linens, there is an average count of one thousands fabric in every square inch. Moreover, there are restaurant linens that are sold in the market with a thread count of a hundred and eighty to four hundred fabrics in a square inch. It is a fabric that is not so soft but could still offer convenience and comfort. It is still regarded by consumers as linens that provide comfort with the highest quality that can compete with higher count of threads.

The linen manufacturer has the capability of designing restaurant linens of high fabric counts or low counts of fabric. As suppliers weave fabrics into higher counts, the outcome is a finer thread. It is an extreme weaving of fine thread that never lasts long. The result will make it susceptible to weakness (and possible damage in the laundry). More reliable are table linens that have thicker thread. These products have a longer life span, and are therefore less expensive per use.

The critical decision is entirely up to the restaurant owners when choosing restaurant linens. Restaurant linen supply services are able to offer you different qualities of cotton and polyester napkins and tablecloths. Linen Finder can help you find the best local companies who offer the largest selection, reliable services, and lowest prices.