You’re still doing wash? Why? Medical Linen Rentals!

There is a popular saying, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.  Shouldn’t you place a task this important with a company who focuses exclusively on this principal?  It is one of the most important elements required to run a medical facility, surgery center or hospital- yet usually accounts for less than 4% of the costs.

doctors in scubs and lab coats

Medical centers are constantly under the threat of infection, germs, and diseases.  Administrators must use caution to ensure their health care facilities have a clean, hygienic and germ free environment; which ensures the well being of the patients and staff.  A growing number of patients have been observed to get infections while they are actually getting treatment to feel better.  Mismanaged in house laundry equipment, procedures and staff can often be the main reason for these infections.

Soiled bed linen, infected patients’ garments, dirt and dust on the beds can all contaminate the atmosphere of a medical center, hospital or physical therapy center.  The bacterium is often not visible to the naked eye, even if they are present on the linen.  Using quality medical linen rental services can improve the safety and hygiene of the business as well as saving money on the laundering.  Most of these services ensure compliance with the health care laundering guidelines.

Some medical administrators prefer to set up on-premise laundries instead of taking the services of medical linen rentals. Setting up an on- premise laundry can prove to be costlier than hiring a rental company for your supplies.  Your hospital can get a better idea about the differences in the costs associated with setting up a by speaking directly with a linen supply company.  Most linen suppliers have built many laundries and can outline the features and benefits or producing your own linen vs. rental from an outside company.  Linen and uniform purchases, equipment costs, labor, energy, chemicals, insurance and risk tolerance are all important factors to analyze before deciding what is best for your business.

Often, hospitals and clinics forget to take into consideration the utility costs associated with producing their own laundry.  Natural gas is the primary expense; however the electric bill is significant as well.  The utility costs directly affect the production of hot water, steam, washer mechanical action and dryer efficiency.  Moreover, medical facilities will certainly need to take into account the time and the expenses incurred on repairs and maintenance.  If you don’t know already, the laundry needs major PM (Preventative Maintenance).  If scheduled downtime isn’t provided for, equipment will certainly break down regularly, which could lead to a lack of supplies for the facility.  It also can impose a major safety hazard.  Fires are extremely common for plants that are not properly cared for.

On the other hand, medical linen rentals offer superior quality products, along with personal service.  Their standards of cleanliness also do not fluctuate since the best companies have great quality controls.  They supply the medical scrubs, gowns, sheets, towels and more with quality and consistency.  They often can have dedicated supplemental facilities they can produce at in case of a power outage.

Medical linen rental services have advanced equipments and better facilities to provide a regular supply of clean medical linen on a weekly basis. The professional staffs of these firms inspect and check the deliveries at lower costs without compromising quality.  Medical linen rental services have round’ the clock customer service to address your concerns, queries, and emergency deliveries.  The highly skilled customer service representatives of the medical linen rental companies are dedicated to resolve your problems and provide help to your linen, uniform and laundry needs.  Many services also provide an online access to your account to check on your inventories and invoices.

These linen rental services are the economical and hygienic answer to your laundry and linen needs.  If you would like to speak with qualified companies in your area, Linen Finder can help.  Visit our health care linen services page to find and get quotes from up to 3 local pre-screened vendors.