The Different Kinds of Hotel Uniforms You Need

There is no way to imagine hotels without hotel uniforms. Whether you’re running a small hotel or a massive international chain, uniforms are part of the job – and for good reason!

For one, uniforms are a traditional and important element that is part of the elegance and spectacle of hospitality services; and two, hotel uniforms have been found to help improve both customer perception and employee satisfaction.

Different Kinds of Hotel Uniforms

Like in almost every job that requires uniforms, hotel uniform designs work in two ways: (1) to create distinction between positions, and (2) to help make the job easier to perform. And no matter the size or type of hotel, these are the three basic hotel uniforms you will need:

1. Front Desk Personnel

Front desk personnel and concierges are the first to greet the guests, making these employees a huge part of the first impression that guests get from the hotel. They are also the ones that spend the most time interacting with the guests so they have to look their best at all times. Traditionally, front desk personnel uniforms consist of crisp button-down shirts, slacks or pencil skirts, and a blazer. Neck scarves and ties are a common accessory.

2. Bellhops

Also called porters, bellhops are one of the most easily identifiable positions in the hospitality industry. There is no mistaking the color-coordinated garb consisting of round, brimless hats, buttoned, mandarin collar shirts, and matching slacks. But the bellhop uniform design has relaxed over the years, and its contemporary counterparts now usually consist of button-down shirts, vests, ties, and slacks which allow for easier movement for the bellhops who need to walk around a lot, carry heavy luggage, or drive for valet parking.

3. Maids

Like bellhops, hotel maids have one of the most easily identifiable uniforms in any industry. The collared shirt dress paired with the waist aprons with white sneakers have been the traditional look of hotel maids. But like the bellhop uniform, the hotel maid uniform has also evolved to accommodate more styles. A common option is a short-sleeved lapel-style collared shirt with soft cotton pants or slacks. Tunic tops are also a popular alternative. These newer styles allow for ease of movement while carrying out the challenging tasks that come with the job.

Making the Right Choice in Uniforms

But creating the right image for your hotel staff is not enough. If the simple choice of using hotel uniforms can achieve that much, imagine what the right choice of uniforms can do for your business! And when it comes to making the right choice in uniforms, you’ll need something that emphasizes all of the best qualities of your business.

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