What is the Difference Between a Commercial Laundry and a Laundromat?

Laundromat vs. Commercial Laundry

Written by Hannah Rae Villarba

There are many ways to do laundry, but for your business’ linens, which is the best way to go: laundromats or commercial laundry? While both options share many similar qualities, there are several differences between these options for businesses in dealing with their dirty laundry.

Let’s lay down the facts and weigh each option’s advantages and disadvantages.

1. Equipment

Most laundromats – both self-serve and fluff-and-fold laundromats – typically use washing machines that have a larger capacity than most domestic-use washers. Commercial laundry service providers, on the other hand, use multiple industrial-sized washers, dryers, and pressing machines that can accommodate massive bulks of dirty linens in a short amount of time.

2.  Time

Depending on the size and amount of laundry, as well whether the laundromat uses self-service machines, laundromats can process your laundry anywhere between a matter of hours and a matter of days. Commercial laundry providers, however, provide a specific and regular schedule so you can expect the right amount of linens at the right time and appointed day without costly delays.

3. Cost

Both options allow the business owner the freedom of not having to purchase washing equipment or invest in an on-site laundry facility. But because of the larger bulk that commercial laundry service providers can accommodate, the cost is actually lower than the cost of sending your laundry or uniforms to the laundromat.

4. Efficiency

Regular laundromats require customers to walk into their facilities to deliver and pick up the items themselves. And more often than not, the services are as straightforward as they seem: you drop off your laundry, they wash them, and they pack them up for pickup. There are no thorough inspections for damages or impossible stains. Commercial laundry service providers, however, offer a timely and efficient pickup and delivery schedule where each item is well accounted for, inspected and treated all in one seamless, streamlined process.

5. Tracking and Billing Accuracy

Linen loss and its resulting costs are all too often attributed to the laundry process. That is why many commercial laundry facilities also utilize technology that helps minimize these risks and losses. For instance, the use of RFID microchips and barcode labels are an innovative way of not only automating the process of counting and recording each item that goes in and out their facilities, but they are also a good and accurate way of keeping track of uniforms between pickup, delivery, and usage so one can detect where the losses have likely occurred. They also help ensure that you are not wasting resources on unnecessary replacements and repairs.

6. Effectiveness

Most laundromat facilities use a generic laundry process, with little to no variation from laundry results achieved with at-home laundry equipment. Large- and industrial-scale laundry facilities are equipped with special features like precision water temperature control, precise and computerized detergent release, and automated wash cycles that not only cut the processing time of large bulk laundries but achieve quality results that can only come from more advanced equipment.

7. Quality Control

Larger laundry service providers have standardized processes and quality control systems in place that are usually guided by industry standards (i.e. TRSA) that guarantees a certain level of cleanliness for your linens and uniforms.

The Biggest Difference is in Peace of Mind

The greatest difference and clear advantage that commercial laundry facilities have over your neighborhood laundromat rests mainly on one thing: your peace of mind. With a reliable commercial laundry service provider, you can rest assured that your dirty linens are cared for – professionally and according to the most credible industry standards – from pickup to when they come back to your premises fresh, neatly packed, and ready for storage.

Commercial laundry facilities leave you little room to doubt the integrity of your employee- and customer-use linens, affording you more time and freedom to focus on the more important things in your business.

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