Commercial Laundry Companies vs. Dry Cleaning

Commercial Laundry Companies and Dry Cleaning are both methods used for stain removal and cleaning of fabric items but do you know the difference between the two?

Commercial Laundry refers to the washing process that uses water, soaps and/or detergents.

Dry Cleaning is the process of cleaning linen or fabrics by using a chemical solution (usually a naptha derivative) without water.

Commercial Laundry Cleaning

So what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Commercial laundry has many advantages. It works the best in removing stains and spots. Laundry wash leaves clothes smelling fresh and is free of dry cleaning chemicals. Both processes are completely different from each other but they are both effective methods of maintaining your fabrics clean and free of stains.

Dry cleaning does not provoke shrinking or color running so it works best for delicate items such as wool, silk, as well as fabric with very bright or deep hues.  Dry cleaning protects texture of fabric better than any other method.

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