Hospital and Healthcare Laundry Services- The Environment’s Choice.

When disposable gowns, sheets and towels are used, they leave the facility and end up accumulating as excess waste in landfills; thus not very environmentally friendly. This negative impact to our environment has forced many healthcare administrators to look into reusable items to replace many of these disposable products. Outsourced linen rental and laundry programs are the answer to their question. The linen services who provide the healthcare industry these products have been a part of the solution for many years. The fact is that an average sized hospital will use 50,000 – 60,000 pounds of linen each week. Multiply any percentage of that for the disposable products they use and it adds up to- well, let’s just say less than a “green” initiative. Both small retail medical facilities and large hospital groups can all do their part by hiring laundries that can reduce this waste and lessen the other negative effects on our environment from the bi-products of linen and laundry.

It is for these reasons that healthcare facilities are looking for alternatives such as outsourcing to hospital laundry services, even if they have an on-premise laundry. Current medical laundering facilities might not have energy efficient equipment or can lack the in-depth laundering knowledge required when operating a high volume commercial laundry. The equipment and storage might also be tying up precious real estate they could use for additional medical procedures or new patient rooms. Outsourced services in return provide a safer and healthier alternative to these problems. Unlike healthcare professionals, an independent laundry facility focuses 100% of their time and resources on laundry. It is their business; not just a part of their business. Energy efficiency, safe worker practices and huge economies of scale for linen and chemicals purchases are a few of the advantages of an outside service. They are equally as focused on the reducing their carbon footprint and don’t believe in the disposables the fill up landfills. An additional benefit of outsourcing healthcare laundry services is that it’s usually a low cost service and often provides a financial benefit to the healthcare business. All in all, it’s a better method to hire a medical laundry because it allows healthcare facilities focus on the quality of the care to their patients. Doing their own laundry has been the trend for decades, but due to all of these factors, more and more operators of all sizes are looking to let someone else “do the wash”. Thus, the quality expertise of outside laundry services supplying the healthcare industry is in growing demand. Despite the economic climate, patients will continue to need care- which will include sheets, gowns, towels, and more. Providing an environmentally friendly option is not only responsible, but will often improve the company’s bottom line. If you want to learn more about healthcare laundries, Linen Finder can help.

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