How to Write Great Blogs that People Actually Want to Read

Do you find yourself struggling to write blogs for your company, and do not know where to look for inspiration? Is your view count for your blog site 1 person, yourself? If so, don’t worry we’ve got your back. We have created a step-by-step guide in writing fun and exciting blogs.

how to write great blogs

First, figure out what your readers want. You should have a solid understanding of what they want to see, learn about, and indulge in. Like most, businesses in the linen, mat, and textile fields have to cater to their audience. Writing blogs which are dedicated towards a business that requires these products will produce a greater outcome. However, not all businesses want to read about towels all the time. Spice up your blogs by discussing topics, other than renting quality towels and linens, that business owners care about. For instance, if you are a mat rental service catering to businesses such as restaurants, ditch the kitchen mat blog topics. Some fun blogs that they may enjoy are how to design a menu, ways to increase restaurant profit, or waiter team building tips. They will enjoy reading your blogs that are geared towards their restaurants’ different and changing needs.


Another great way to write amazing blogs is to add visuals. Attach fun videos, pictographs, and art that your readers will enjoy. A blog doesn’t always have to be all words, words, words. This leads us to our next point…


It is vital to write an adequate amount of words in your blogs in order for Google to read it, determine there is substantial content and that it holds relevant information. Although there are other metrics Google uses to determine the relevance of the information for ranking, having enough quality content is the first step. We strive for at least 300 words per blog, which is not too long where readers lose interest, but it’s typically just long enough to get the point across. Having a nice balance of word count is very important for a blog.


Follow these three easy steps, and your blogs will receive a larger amount of views!