How Can A Commercial Linen Service Benefit Your Business?

A Commercial Linen Service Company stocks a customer with a supply of linens in accordance to the needs of their business.  The dirty linens are picked up, laundered and a new shipment of fresh linens is delivered so that a business owner avoids the cost of purchasing and washing linens.  Towels, aprons, uniforms, tablecloths, napkins, mops, bed linens, scrubs, mats and other uniforms are all products that may be rented.

Commercial Linen Service Company


Why do Small Businesses Choose a Commercial Linen Service?
There is a huge benefit from using a Linen service because of the immediate savings.  Buying laundry equipment, all the necessary linens, plus the maintenance required to keep a laundry running smoothly for a small business is a very large investment when compared to that of a linen supplier who is already established, can manage large quantities of linen, possibly even receive purchasing discounts and has all the equipment necessary to process the laundry.  By using this service you avoid having to purchase laundry equipment, supplies, or detergents plus save the cost of labor and time to launder as well as the space necessary to have an on-site laundry.

A commercial linen service can also provide your employees with additional time to focus on what is really important in your business – your customers! Are you still doing laundry in house? Save time, save money – Linen Service.