Searching For A Restaurant Linen Service Company? Consider This!

Restaurant table linens are often overlooked as restaurateurs look to improve the quality and image of their restaurants.  If you think they don’t affect the customers, think again. In 2005, an industry related association conducted survey throughout the restaurant industry.  The survey focused on the number of people who eat at particular restaurants and their check average.  There turned out to be a 40% increase in the restaurant customers who use white restaurant linen.  These customers also spent more on their meals each visit. While these numbers are drastic, it isn’t really a surprise.  Would you rather have dinner at a restaurant with crisp, clean white linen or at a table covered in cheap plastic covers?  Obviously, the clean linen is the choice.  For restaurants, making a great first impression is critical.  The table linens are a significant part of the making that perfect first impression.  Therefore, when a customer sees cheap table linens, dirty, or wrinkled then he or she might assume the food quality is similar.  However, when they see beautiful table linens- mental imagery of good food and quality are created.

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