What Does Linen Service Really Cost?

So the one question that has business owners baffled is – What does a linen service actually cost?

What is the True Cost of a Linen Service

Everyday there are hundreds of company owners and managers scouring the internet looking for prices on service- only coming to the conclusion – they are not listed. Why is the price of a linen and uniform service so secretive?

The answer you’ve all been waiting for –  There is no set cost.  Linen service prices can fluctuate depending on many things, but why?

* Competition – If there are many different linen companies in your area it’s easier to negotiate a deal than if there’s only 1 or 2 to choose from. If linen service companies are competing for your service then you will receive the best price possible.

* Distance – If the linen service company has to travel a long distance they may tack on an additional delivery charge depending on the cost of fuel and the distance from your business to their facility.  The further away you are the more this charge can influence your weekly service bill.

* Size of Account – You will pay far less per piece if you are buying in bulk. For example linen service will be far less expensive for a large restaurant with a bulk order compared to a small mom-and-pop shop using a few towels per week.

* Special Orders – If you want a customized or branded product then that may also add to the price tag. You will have the option to pick the plan that best suits your specific needs when it comes to branding and your budget.

* Type of Cleaning Required – Some businesses require more extensive cleaning of their linens then others. This also plays a part in the actual cost of your linen service. For example, a hospitals laundry needs to be cleaned in a much different way then a shop rag from a mechanic.

* Additional Costs – The cost of doing laundry in house should also be taken into account. The cost of doing laundry in house may be far more then you anticipate. These costs include theinitial startup cost of machinery and linen inventory, the cost of space needed to house the laundry equipment and inventory, the cost of employees needed to run the laundry, and the potential cost of equipment failure. Also, take into account the increased workload on you to now manage the laundry department.

Either way doing business with a linen service facility is the way to go to ensure your linens and uniforms are laundered properly. They are more cost effective, ensure your laundry is done properly, and most importantly reduce your already hectic workload. A linen service company already has linens and offers them in the form of a rental. When the items are no longer functional the linen service company replaces the items on their dime – not yours. In the end by utilizing our free service you can be connected with up to 3 no obligation quotes from quality linen service companies!

Is Your Linen Service or Uniform Rental Rep Too Good to be True?

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  Especially with Linen Service Prices.

It’s unfortunate companies still use these bait & switch practices, but they do – and it’s especially so for many Linen Service & Uniform Companies.  We have all dealt with these kinds of places.  A company offers the prospect exactly what they are looking for.  The sales rep is likable and seems to have all of the right answers.  You build a nice informal relationship, talk family, sports and what you like to do on your time off (sales technique: bonding and rapport).  WOW, they enjoy the same things you do (sales technique: mirroring)!  Who knew fly fishing was so popular in New York City?  The rep asks softball questions to direct the conversation and subtly approaches their current vendor problems (sales technique: pain, pain, pain).  Then, more questions to get the prospect thinking this rep and the new company really has something beneficial to offer.  Then comes the icing on the cake (mmmm mmm…cake).

sales rep

The Devil is in the Details

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How to Hire a Linen Service

There have been too many times where you would fear calling on the phone, because of the anxiety of speaking with the dreaded representatives.  Worry no more! Call Linen Service and you will be speaking with the friendliest representatives known to man.  There have been many times where I would talk to a representative on the phone and felt widely overwhelmed.  This isn’t due to poor customer service, though. Actually, amidst all the friendly laughter and hospitality, I unfortunately felt that they were more knowledgeable than I was.  This intimidated me and I handled the situation terribly because my mind thought the agents that I was speaking with were being drained of their energy speaking to me, someone with little knowledge on their merchandise.

However, when speaking on the phone with Linen Service you realize it is unlike any other.  The customer service is there for you.  We break the process down simply for you so that you know what you’re getting involved with.  We ask you simple questions which you already know the answers to and don’t have to fumble around searching online for what we are trying to get at.  Best of all, no matter how complicated the situation may be, we are always speaking with warmth and comfort so that you do not feel like you’re being interrogated by a police officer.

Get on the phone with a customer service representative in Linen Service today, you won’t regret it. If you feel it is time to take the next step with your business and invest in a quality service, call us.  Right when you get in touch with us, you will hear the comfort of a friendly voice who feels almost like family.  We will guide you towards the right path and then we are able to contact a service in your area for further assistance. From there, the friendliness just continues.  When you speak with your local rep, they will give you the exact same respect and care as the customer service agent did, and before you know it you will have a quality linen service within seconds!  Don’t be shy, call us today at 888-770-2489 or visit

This is what you will not receive when you call us for service:

What Is Linen Service?

One of the questions we get asked on a regular basis is “What does a linen service actually do?”  When you’re in the textile industry it’s easy to forget that not everyone just automatically knows what a linen service is and what it includes. There are business owners and managers that don’t even know this type of service exists for their industry– especially owners that are newly established.

So to answer the question – A linen service company provides linen and uniform rentals or laundry services of commonly used items on a regularly scheduled basis.  If you utilize a linen rental service this means that the linen and uniform service company owns the linens, they bring the items to your business, when they are soiled they pick them up, launder them at their facility, and return the products to you on your set schedule.  A commercial laundry service on the other hand picks up the linens you already own and launders them.

Listed below are just a few industries that rely on linens and uniforms and can definitely benefit from utilizing a professional service:

Restaurant Linen and Uniform Rentals and Laundry Service

Restaurants/Bars – From tablecloths, napkins, chef coats, staff uniforms, towels, mops, floor mats and facility services these are just some of the items a linen and uniform service can ensure you will always have readily available – especially on the busiest nights.

Linen Service Medical Uniform Practice

Medical Facilities – Patient gowns, lab coats, scrubs, sheets, surgical towels, pillowcases, floor mats, facility services.

Hotel motel lodging facility linen service

Hotels – Sheets, towels, pillowcases, bath robes employee uniforms, mops, floor mats and facility services.

Industrial Uniform Services

Industrial Businesses – Uniform services for automotive, HVAC, electrical, clean room, landscaping, construction, delivery company, business uniforms, etc.

Salon and Spa Service

Salons/Spas – Towels, sheets, employee uniforms, bath robes.

A qualified linen and uniform service professional can create a unique program that fits your business’s needs while also saving you time and money!  If you still have questions on linen & uniform service rentals or laundry service or are interested in obtaining your free no obligation quote please visit or call us at 888-770-2489.


Want To Know Why A Medical Linen Service Is So Important?

dentist office

If you need help finding a quality healthcare laundry in your area, please visit our medical linen service page or call us today at 888.770.2489.

Medical Linen Service is one of the most delicate laundry services offered in the industry. The risk of passing on bacteria can lead directly to infections and disease through soiled linens. To keep your medical linen meeting OSHA and cleanliness regulations, it is a good idea to have an experienced medical laundry service handle such items. This service includes pick-up and delivery of highly delicate medical linen and uniforms such as flat and/or fitted sheets, towels, patient gowns and medical staff uniforms from medical scrubs to lab coats. It is essential that medical sheets, towels and gowns to be made of quality fabrics, while also sanitized appropriately to ensure a patient’s comfort and safety.

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