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Laundry Parts Market has the tools to help small laundry businesses grow including their online forum. Whether you are a laundromat,Service Technician or small business with a lot of laundry to do, we are working towards offering our customers the resources to promote their business, fix their machines, to ask questions, and to save money!

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Why Should I Do Business With Your Linen Service Company?

Selling your Linen Service Company can be like a job interview.  As a potential candidate for the position it is your duty to go in and sell yourself to the employer as to why you are the best choice for their business.  This holds true for Linen Service companies too!  You, as a salesman, must go into a company and sell yourself to the business owner.  You have to explain why your company is the right choice for their business.  Be prepared to answer the following most important deal breaking question:

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How to Lose a Customer in 10 Days

In the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” Andy Anderson (played by Kate Hudson) did everything in her power to scare away Benjamin Barry (played by Matthew McConaughey) in order to make him break up with her.  Sometimes a business’s management as well as their service and sales department make similar mistakes with their customers.  Without realizing, they are making potential and existing customers “break up” with their company! Without customers, there is No Business, No Jobs and No Laundry.  Sometimes understanding what you’re doing wrong, instead of only focusing on what you can do right, can save your business and ultimately grow your total sales.

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Turn Angry Customers into Loyal Customers

No matter what type of business you are in, restaurant, medical, salon, gym, etc., unfortunately you are bound to have a few angry customers every now and then.  Regardless of how professional and friendly your staff is, or how great your facility is kept up, problems will occur.  It is important to have your staff trained to handle these customers in the most professional manner possible.  In today’s world an angry customer can do a lot of damage to a business’s hard earned reputation by going online and leaving negative reviews.

happy customers

When a customer is upset you have to remember it’s not personal.  Allow the customer to vent their frustration while you listen carefully.  You can’t fix an issue if you don’t know exactly what the problem is.  Once the customer has finished voicing their complaint and you know why the customer is upset, offer a sincere apology.  Regardless of whether you are in agreement with them or not, you are letting them know that you care and want to work at finding a happy medium.  If you don’t have an answer for them, let the customer know that you are working to fix the problem.  This helps bond the relationship with the unhappy customer and lets them know that their business is important to you.

If you were truly in the wrong, it is often a good idea to offer the customer something along with your apology. Studies have shown that when a business makes a mistake, but quickly reacts to it by sincerely apologizing and offering the customer something it can have an enormously positive effect.  For example if your wait staff brings out the wrong order, then as a manager you should consider offering the angry customer a free dessert.  This will be sure to calm them down, and save the business’s relationship with them.  So take advantage of your mistakes and make an unhappy customer a customer for life!

In the end no matter whose fault it is, mistakes happen.  Knowing that mistakes are inevitable and preparing your staff to respond to and fix mistakes can be a key factor in having a thriving business.

Searching For A Restaurant Linen Service Company? Consider This!

Restaurant table linens are often overlooked as restaurateurs look to improve the quality and image of their restaurants.  If you think they don’t affect the customers, think again. In 2005, an industry related association conducted survey throughout the restaurant industry.  The survey focused on the number of people who eat at particular restaurants and their check average.  There turned out to be a 40% increase in the restaurant customers who use white restaurant linen.  These customers also spent more on their meals each visit. While these numbers are drastic, it isn’t really a surprise.  Would you rather have dinner at a restaurant with crisp, clean white linen or at a table covered in cheap plastic covers?  Obviously, the clean linen is the choice.  For restaurants, making a great first impression is critical.  The table linens are a significant part of the making that perfect first impression.  Therefore, when a customer sees cheap table linens, dirty, or wrinkled then he or she might assume the food quality is similar.  However, when they see beautiful table linens- mental imagery of good food and quality are created.

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