Work Life Balance Tips for Small Business Owners

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Avoid burnout

Linen Service would like to challenge you to take off a little time off today and follow these work life balance tips to rework your personal / life calendar for a more productive tomorrow.

Whether you are starting up your first family practice or running a bustling trendy restaurant in downtown Chicago all small business owners at one time or another find it difficult to properly balance work and life activities; often leaving entrepreneurs burnt out and significantly decreasing productivity across all scopes of life.

Here are a few tips to help you regain control over both your work efforts as well as your personal life.

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How to Write Great Blogs that People Actually Want to Read

Do you find yourself struggling to write blogs for your company, and do not know where to look for inspiration? Is your view count for your blog site 1 person, yourself? If so, don’t worry we’ve got your back. We have created a step-by-step guide in writing fun and exciting blogs.

how to write great blogs

First, figure out what your readers want. You should have a solid understanding of what they want to see, learn about, and indulge in. Like most, businesses in the linen, mat, and textile fields have to cater to their audience. Writing blogs which are dedicated towards a business that requires these products will produce a greater outcome. However, not all businesses want to read about towels all the time. Spice up your blogs by discussing topics, other than renting quality towels and linens, that business owners care about. For instance, if you are a mat rental service catering to businesses such as restaurants, ditch the kitchen mat blog topics. Some fun blogs that they may enjoy are how to design a menu, ways to increase restaurant profit, or waiter team building tips. They will enjoy reading your blogs that are geared towards their restaurants’ different and changing needs.


Another great way to write amazing blogs is to add visuals. Attach fun videos, pictographs, and art that your readers will enjoy. A blog doesn’t always have to be all words, words, words. This leads us to our next point…


It is vital to write an adequate amount of words in your blogs in order for Google to read it, determine there is substantial content and that it holds relevant information. Although there are other metrics Google uses to determine the relevance of the information for ranking, having enough quality content is the first step. We strive for at least 300 words per blog, which is not too long where readers lose interest, but it’s typically just long enough to get the point across. Having a nice balance of word count is very important for a blog.


Follow these three easy steps, and your blogs will receive a larger amount of views!

Commercial Laundry Parts | New Eco Washers & Price Match Guarantee!

ADC’s New EcoWash Machines

American Dryer Corporation has gotten their feet wet and are now offering new, powerful, high efficiency, Eco-friendly washers! They are no longer just your go-to source for commercial Dryers!

industrial washing machine

These EcoWash machines return green to the planet and your wallet. Its powerful 200 G-Force motor uses less energy, extracts more water, and adds more to your bottom line.

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“If There Isn’t Dirty Linen, You’re Not Making Money”

woman collecting laundry

My first trip to a commercial laundry plant began at noon. We drove to a local plant and as soon as I entered, it hit me. This place was hotter than waiting in a car without AC in the middle of a blistering hot Florida afternoon. I grasp my forehead as I feel the sweat trickling down my face. I stroll around the plant and with every step I took, I felt more at a loss of breath. All that was going on in my mind was “how do the employees stand working here all day every day??”

I met several employees and the owner of the company stated a quote that stuck by me forever “If there isn’t dirty linen, you’re not making money,” in regards to the smelly pile of used linen outside behind me. I slowly turn to notice the pile he is referring to and then wish I hadn’t. The pile was as large as a mountain and if I had a dollar for every fly I saw swarming around the pile, I’d be swimming in cash.

The company then washes and presses the dirty linen in the most impeccable method – you would never in a million years think you could get them as clean as they were processed. I noticed the perfectly folded linen and squeaky clean floor mats and could feel the pride that the employees expressed whenever they created this artwork. They sweated over the machinery and smiled at their finished products.

The laundry’s equipment was so loud I could not hear my own thoughts. They towered over me and I was highly intimidated by the size of these monstrous machines. The actual plant was not that large, yet the machinery made it seem as though I was in NYC’s Time Square surrounded by giant skyscrapers that made so much noise there was no escape from it.

My journey was soon over as I returned back to the office. There was a part of me that did not want to leave, I was still in awe at the amazement of the clean linen and the hard work the employees had to labor over and my dehydration was begging for a cool environment and water.  I returned back in the hopes that this was not my last trip to a laundry plant but next time I’ll come better prepared.

How Important is Customer Satisfaction for Linen Services?

Customer satisfaction can make or break any business.  Ever call a business where you can’t get anyone on the phone? How about speaking to someone who doesn’t know the business they are in and can’t answer your questions?  It seems many times like you know more than they do about the company they represent.  Those are not companies anyone would want to work with and most likely you will look to find a new business where you receive the quality service you expect.

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