Why Do Hotels Use White Sheets?

why do hotels use white sheets

Why do hotels use white sheets? If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why almost every hotel uses white sheets, you are not alone. With stains being one of the most predictable things in hotels, it seems counter-intuitive that hotels use the color that is most vulnerable to even the slightest discoloration!

As it turns out, there’s a good amount of consumer science behind the use of white hotel sheets. Read on. We promise it will all make sense!

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Green Laundry Detergent vs Regular Laundry Detergent & Other Sustainable Laundry Practices

green laundry detergent vs regular

Whether you own a restaurant, spa or hotel, linen maintenance can completely take over your day-to-day structure. On top of this time-consuming endeavor, you’ve heard about the negative health implications and environmental impacts of many mainstream products.

And, even if the environment isn’t on the top of your radar, with the current environmental concerns customers now hold an expectation in businesses to shift to more eco-friendly practices. And if you don’t? You may lose customers to your competitor who is doing what they can to help the earth.

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