The Best Way to Find a Medical Linen Service

What is the best way to find a medical linen service? For any healthcare facility asking this question, there are several ways to go about solving this issue.

However, in order to best answer the question it is important to truly understand the impact that service can have on your operations. 

The Importance of Good Medical Linen Service

Hospitals need linen service, there are no two ways about it. There are a variety of reasons why, but here are the three most important to a healthcare facility’s daily function:

Keeping Patients Healthy

The primary purpose of every hospital is to maintain the health and safety of their patients. This is far more difficult when linens are torn or dirty. They need to be consistently washed and maintained by a commercial laundry service to ensure they are safe enough for patients to come into contact with them. 

Protecting Staff

Patients aren’t the only ones that medical linen service protects. Healthcare workers are arguably more at risk considering their constant exposure to harmful chemicals, bacteria, and even diseases. Providing staff with consistently clean, durable, and well-maintained linens is essential to preventing these dangerous contaminants from harming them. 

Preventing Linen Loss Efficiently

According to the TRSA, US medical staff throws out nearly 90% of medical linens before they reach the end of their useful life. This costs the industry over $840 million every year. With a proper medical linen service, linen loss will become a thing of the past!

Improving Performance

Medical professions have very specific skill requirements and tasks to perform. That coupled with the weight of being responsible for countless patient lives can often make staff doubt their skills. Linen service provides staff with uniforms that not only reassure them of their position but help them perform better as well. 

Linen Finder is the Best Way to Find a Medical Linen Service

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