Towel Rentals Are Ideal For Massage & Physical Therapy Centers

All of us know that massage centers are good friends to us after a long work day or busy overall week. It can provide us energy to regain full stamina. The massage centers use special tools to provide a comfortable experience for their guests and patients. Some of these tools are towels and sheets. These are core requirements of massaging, and often ones that many consumers don’t consider. Some massage centers may own their sheets and towels, but more and more these retail medical facilities are switching to rentals for these items.

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Managing Your Gym Towels

managing GYM TOWELS

The new year is fast approaching, and you know what that means? Everyone who made a resolution to get fit in 2019 will be flooding the gym. So, right now is the perfect time to reassess your gym towel situation. Is it time to change up the way you do things?

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Types of Towels

It can be overwhelming when shopping for a quality towel service. The representative will ask you all sorts of questions in regards to your needs, but most of the time no one really can tell the difference between towels. This is why our towel pros have devised a list of different towel vocabulary which will be handy when searching for a new service.


  • Shop ragsThese towels are smaller in size and are made of a heavy-duty material for rough cleaning and scrubbing down surfaces in the automotive and mechanic environment.
  • Bar mopsTowels such as these are specifically recommended for restaurant kitchens and bars. Their material is convenient enough to absorb liquid and spillage.
  • Bath blanketFor industries such as hotels and hospitals, bath blankets are recommended to cover the entirety of your patrons/patients’ body to keep them clean and hygienic after baths and showers.
  • Corporate towelsCorporate towels are towels with custom logos projected on the products. These will advertise and catch the eye of customers, visitors, or employees and they will give off a more professional appeal.
  • Hand towelsSmaller in size, the hand towels are useful in places such as nail salons which need to quickly dry their hands. They are lighter in weight and are more convenient than large body towels when handling small tasks like nail art and hand drying.

Deciding on towels for your business can be hectic and overwhelming, good thing that Linen Finder has you covered. We recommend renting a linen service for your towels needs, they will be able to decide on the products that are right for your business. Contact us today at 888-770-2489 for assistance in gathering free quotes from local businesses.

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