March 3rd Is Employee Appreciation Day!

The first Friday of March is Employee Appreciation Day, and this month it happens to fall on March 3rd! There are many ways to recognize your employees, and many businesses are spreading their employee gratitude nationwide.

ways to recognize employee appreciation

Here are some great ideas to extend appreciation to your employees this Employee Appreciation Day:

  • Offer a complimentary breakfast or lunch. Employees love being fed, so buying breakfast or lunch for your employees is a simple way to say “thanks!” Gather around for a company breakfast or lunch and get to know your employees better. Make sure to also keep up to date on birthdays, anniversaries, special accomplishments, etc.
  • Help your employees out by giving them a helping hand on Employee Appreciation Day. Assist your employees with their duties, and take a slight load off of their work day by offering them assistance in their tasks.
  • Offer them the chance to be the boss for the day! This may also benefit the company overall by allowing employees to voice their opinions and offer up new ideas for the business that haven’t been heard of yet by management.
  • Provide employees with minute gifts, such as a thank-you note or a small present. Small and thoughtful gestures are always great and quick ways of saying thanks!
  • Give them time off this Employee Appreciation Day by perhaps allowing employees to arrive late to work or by going home early. Or even extending their lunch break by an hour or two. Taking away an hour or two from the work day may prove to also be very beneficial for your employees’ productivities.


Here at Linen Finder, we are very grateful for our employees this month, as well as every month. We are always finding ways to promote teamwork, as well as incorporate small gestures of gratitude for our employees!