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Summer Marketing Intern – Rachel Degreef


Welcome to Linen Finder!

We are so excited to welcome our new talent Rachel Degreeff to Linen Finder.  She will be assisting us during the summer with a variety of new and exciting tasks. We are ready to tap into her creative ideas and offerings she’s bringing to our company!

A Little Bit About Rachel

Rachel is studying currently in the University of Miami (Go Canes!).  She is a coffee-loving early bird who is excited to assist us and learn everything about marketing and business in the textile industry. On the weekends, she likes to spend her time helping her parents run errands throughout the day along with shopping.  She also enjoys going to the beach as well as spending time with family and friends.  Rachel loves her two dogs, Cookie and Killer and spends every free moment she has with them.

Rachel has traveled to many places including California, the Bahamas, South Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, and several countries in Europe. She wishes to travel to many other places, expanding her mind and soul through cultural diversity.

We are happy to have her interning with us this summer.

Welcome Rachel!

March 3rd Is Employee Appreciation Day!

The first Friday of March is Employee Appreciation Day, and this month it happens to fall on March 3rd! There are many ways to recognize your employees, and many businesses are spreading their employee gratitude nationwide.

ways to recognize employee appreciation

Here are some great ideas to extend appreciation to your employees this Employee Appreciation Day:

  • Offer a complimentary breakfast or lunch. Employees love being fed, so buying breakfast or lunch for your employees is a simple way to say “thanks!” Gather around for a company breakfast or lunch and get to know your employees better. Make sure to also keep up to date on birthdays, anniversaries, special accomplishments, etc.
  • Help your employees out by giving them a helping hand on Employee Appreciation Day. Assist your employees with their duties, and take a slight load off of their work day by offering them assistance in their tasks.
  • Offer them the chance to be the boss for the day! This may also benefit the company overall by allowing employees to voice their opinions and offer up new ideas for the business that haven’t been heard of yet by management.
  • Provide employees with minute gifts, such as a thank-you note or a small present. Small and thoughtful gestures are always great and quick ways of saying thanks!
  • Give them time off this Employee Appreciation Day by perhaps allowing employees to arrive late to work or by going home early. Or even extending their lunch break by an hour or two. Taking away an hour or two from the work day may prove to also be very beneficial for your employees’ productivities.


Here at Linen Finder, we are very grateful for our employees this month, as well as every month. We are always finding ways to promote teamwork, as well as incorporate small gestures of gratitude for our employees!

Kiara’s First Commercial Laundry Tour and Experience.

folded linensAs part of Linen Finder’s tradition, each new employee has the pleasure of touring a commercial laundry facility, better known as a Textile Rental Facility according to the laundry owner.  This morning I drove up to a plant and one of the first things he said to me as we walked into the huge warehouse where the linens were sorted and washed was, “Do you smell that? That’s the smell of money” – It was actually the smell of soiled linens. He continued, “One of the first things my father did to me when I visited his plant was stick a handful of soiled linens in my face,” Luckily, he spared me that experience.

We started off by checking out the sorting area. I was pleasantly surprised to learn how organized the counting process is due to the automation of the systems that are in place. Workers sort through the tagged laundry bags that are delivered while a powerful vacuum counts and deposits the linens into large bin. The owner then took me over to see the massive washers and dryers. I was in total awe! I didn’t think equipment that immense even existed! He then followed by showing me the pressing machines and how the linens are packaged and prepared to be sent back out.

This was my first time ever in an industrial plant so I had never seen an assembly line prior to this. This eye-opening experience was one to remember, and the owners’ stories about his experience with sales and working with people were extremely fascinating. Among many things, I learned how organization and efficiency are major keys to this operation. Thank you textile laundry owner and staff for being so friendly and taking the time to show me the ropes!

Lastly, I’d like to end this with some inspirational food for thought that the owner passed over to me: Imagine this, for 8 hours you are happily alone on a beautiful tropical island. Imagine there is plenty of food and you have your favorite drink in hand. You are free of all physical, social, and emotional connections to the world. For those 8 hours you no longer have your routine, your job, your friends, or your family. On a numeric scale from one to ten, what would you consider yourself?  I know what my # is, do you?