June 27th Industrial Workers of the World Day

Industrial workers of the world day is a day to celebrate the workers that produce the goods that we rely on to survive.  A lot of these workers put their life at risk daily to bring us the items we consume.  Some of these jobs include fisherman, roofers, electrical installers, construction workers, and iron workers.

Industrial World Worker DayAccording to Forbes Magazine fishing is the 2nd deadliest job in America!  For every 100,000 workers – 117 have suffered employment related death.  Electricians put their life in the balance at work every day as well.  These professionals work day and night to make sure power is always working, and the appliances we use regularly are functional and safe for our use.  Construction workers handle dangerous and heavy equipment as well – even those who are not handling the hardware can get injured just as easily by a slip and fall or if one of their co-workers is not paying attention or loses grip on what they are working on. It’s uneasy to think about worrying every morning if you’re going to make it back home in the evening, and these brave men and women do just that.  Those of us in office positions should be thankful to these hardworking men and women who put their lives on the line to bring us food, build us shelter, and keep our roadways safe.

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