10 Funny Laundry Quotes

funny laundry quotes

Are you considering a laundry service?

Besides the obvious financial and business benefits, there’s one more reason you should outsource: doing laundry is the worst! We’ve put together just a few of our favorite funny laundry quotes to prove our point. We guarantee that you’ll find at least one relatable.

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TV’s Best-Ever Hospital Scrubs

hospital scrubs

If you work in the medical profession, you’ve probably watched at least one episode of TV’s popular medical shows. By medical shows, we’re not talking descriptive or scientific shows you can find on the Discovery Channel. We’re talking about some of North America’s favorite fictional doctors living out complex and dramatic lives.

These shows may get their fair share of hate from doctors because of their lack of accuracy, but as a linen network that helps connect hospitals and other medical practices with local medical linen providers, we couldn’t help but take a look at the hospital scrubs that the actors sport on some of TV’s most loved hospital shows: Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy and House, M.D. Also, we just wanted to watch some TV and call it research.

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Why Do Hotels Use White Sheets?

why do hotels use white sheets

Why do hotels use white sheets? If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why almost every hotel uses white sheets, you are not alone. With stains being one of the most predictable things in hotels, it seems counter-intuitive that hotels use the color that is most vulnerable to even the slightest discoloration!

As it turns out, there’s a good amount of consumer science behind the use of white hotel sheets. Read on. We promise it will all make sense!

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