A Guide to Laundry Certifications

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A Guide to Laundry Certifications

Are you a laundry provider looking for new ways to highlight the work you put into your business? Or are you looking for a laundry provider to work with, but are confused as to what some of their certifications mean or if they’re important? Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

Laundry certifications cover a variety of areas within a laundry service. From good hygiene practices to thoughtful environmental policies, these certifications give potential customers an extra reason to choose a business to work with.

Here is a guide to the most common laundry certifications:

Hygienically Clean

The Hygienically Clean certification is given by the TRSA. The TRSA is an organization that represents companies in the laundry service industry. This certification is given to recognize laundry cleanliness through third-party biological testing and inspection.

Getting a certification from a reputable organization like the TRSA gives customers an additional reason to trust the quality of a company’s services. 

Hygienically Clean Healthcare

The Hygienically Clean Healthcare certification is similar to the Hygienically Clean certification. However, it was made specifically for laundries that work with businesses in the medical industry.

Healthcare linens come into contact with a lot of bacteria and pathogens, so it’s important that they’re washed as thoroughly as possible. This certification gives healthcare providers and their patients additional peace of mind.

Clean Green

Clean Green is another certification given by the TRSA. It recognizes companies that demonstrate leadership in environmental sustainability. If a company is working to reduce its carbon footprint, this is a great certification to have.

It’s a common misconception that laundries are not environmentally friendly. Having this certification shows that protecting the environment is important to a laundry business. 

NFSI Certification

The National Floor Safety Institute gives this certification to products that are high traction and meet criteria for slip resistance. If a company’s services include floor mats, this certification emphasizes to potential customers that their mats are durable and safe.


The Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council inspects and accredits laundries that process healthcare textiles in the medical industry. HLAC is a reputable, non-profit organization that was created specifically to assess and accredit healthcare laundries.

While getting accredited by HLAC isn’t a requirement, it’s a well-known certification that’s great to have for businesses that launder healthcare textiles.

Laundry Certifications Make a Difference

There are a variety of certifications that can make a commercial laundry business stand out and impress potential customers. Whether you have a company that works exclusively with a particular industry or with a wide range of businesses, there is a certification for you.

While these certifications aren’t necessary to run or choose a successful business, they make a positive impact. Customers and employees will have confidence in a company that is certified by an outside, trustworthy organization.

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