A huge part of what makes a hotel good or bad are the quality and kind of linens they use. This blog discusses common and crucial topics that are related to hotels, hotel linens and maintenance, as well as other topics that concern the industry.


Beware the Linen Service Magic Price Wand

Abracadabra! A simple wave of the magic price wand… and Poof – your linen prices have been raised!

Woah, I just signed the contract less than a year ago.  Can they do that and without warning?   What is being taken to the cleaners, my laundry or my business? (yeah, pun was completely intended).

Super Cheap Linen Service Prices

The Linen Service Magic Price Wand

Profiteering & Price Gouging in Linen and Uniform Services.  Unbelievable but true.  So how does this happen?  Well, a couple of ways actually.

Price Gouging happens in many industries.  For example, during natural disasters gasoline stations raise their prices knowing the consumer has limited options.  They need gas to get around. If they are one of the stations that were not affected by the events they will seize the opportunity to raise prices. Luckily there are government regulations that help prevent this from happening. However this is a shady, dark and dirty area for many laundries.

With linen service a major event does not need to occur in order to merit a price increase. Here comes the magic wand again. POOF!  BAM!  KAPOW!   Your linen service company has just raised your prices again! Hold up, BAM, AGAIN!? The answer is yes. Unless specific increases are written into your contact the linen service company can increase your prices… just like that.

How can you protect yourself? A reputable linen service company will be established and come with good references to back them up. These companies have been in business for many years and do not want to lose their community goodwill. But how do you know if a linen service company is really who they say they are?  That’s where we can help.  We’ve already done the homework for you.  We have excellent relationships with companies all over the U.S. and Canada to meet your business’s linen service needs.  Act now to receive a Free Quote from Linen Service today!

7 Ways a Hotel Keeps Its Linens and Towels Fresh and Clean

There is nothing better than sliding into fresh, crisp, white sheets in a lovely hotel room at the end of the day. Have you ever wondered how hotels keep its linens and towels fresh and clean? Hotels can go through hundreds of sets of sheets and towels a day. These hotels, inns, and bed and breakfast locations use a combination of fast maintenance and gentle care to ensure the long life and cleanliness of linens. Apply these seven principles used by hotels to extend the life of your household sheets, towels, and blankets.

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Celebrate Fresh Breath Day at Your Hotel with More than Just Mints on the Pillows!

Freshen Bad Breath DayThere is just no excuse for bad breath any time of the year, especially not today that its World Fresh Breath Day!

Hotels around the world, the very fancy and the very expensive ones especially, have been known to keep the tradition of leaving mints on their guests’ pillows after turndown service. But while this tradition has been going on for eternity, no one really and certainly knows why exactly they do this. Humorously, some claim that room attendants do this to make sure that the guests don’t smell like awful morning breath the next morning when they make their early requests.  Then again, others say they do this to up the ante of the hospitality experience, to make the guests feel indulged.

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Shakira is Promoting Laundry Services?

Ok, so Shakira’s album “Laundry Service” has nothing to do with the commercial textile industry. It actually has nothing to do with laundry at all. But while we are on the topic of Commercial Laundry let’s discuss some of the factors that are necessary to operate a successful linen service.  Linen service companies are constantly dealing with large loads of soiled linens and any laundering mistakes can be extremely costly!  Proper washing of items is critical in running a smooth operation and depends on 3 important factors – Mechanical Action, Temperature and Chemistry.

Commercial Laundry Service

Succesful Commercial Laundry

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Work Life Balance Tips for Small Business Owners

Work Life Balance TipsIn celebration of Leave the Office Early Day Linen Service would like to challenge you to take off a little time off today and follow these work life balance tips to rework your personal / life calendar for a more productive tomorrow.

Whether you are starting up your first family practice or running a bustling trendy restaurant in downtown Chicago all small business owners at one time or another find it difficult to properly balance work and life activities; often leaving entrepreneurs burnt out and significantly decreasing productivity across all scopes of life.

Here are a few tips to help you regain control over both your work efforts as well as your personal life.

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