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Austin Linen Service Robbed Us – If Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery, What is Plagiary?

I get it, it’s 2017. Things have changed. Ideas are shared – especially good ones. I’ve even been known to borrow a good idea or two (but I always return them!). What to do though when an upstart steals the core design concept and exact content of your website? Even the placement of the words […]

Miami Dolphins Find a Way to Torment Fans, Even in the Off-Season | A Marketing Disaster

One of the many great things about professional sports are the microcosms and lessons which apply to life. The same is true for business, and as a marketing company, it’s fascinating to watch the contrasting styles of different organizations. As our company is based in South Florida, the two franchises most visible are the Miami Heat and Miami […]

The Dirty Side of New York City Council’s CLEAN Act

Businesses outside of New York are likely unfamiliar with The CLEAN Act (City Laundry Equity and Accountability), a New York City Council bill that would require industrial laundries which process linens for hospitals, hotels, and restaurants to be licensed and regulated by the city’s Department of Consumer Affairs. The bill is sponsored by New York City […]

50 Shades of White [The Q and A]

The textile industry has experienced a long history of shading irregularities.  For a long time these issues were mostly evident on colored and patterned textiles.  Recently however, a problem has developed for linen companies with the largest consumed color – White.  Dying textiles is not complicated, but consistency is.  So I thought we’d bring on […]

If You Like Your Linen Service Plan, You Can Keep Your Linen Service Plan ~ Maybe

It’s hard to avoid the healthcare discussion if you’re a functioning member of society.  As a company serving most industries in North America, we certainly don’t want to engage in this debate.  However, there are things we can learn from how this plan has played out.  The roll out of the Affordable Care Act over the […]