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Decorate Your Restaurant with Linen & Color Schemes

Using Your Linens and Pottery to Decorate Your Restaurant

Restaurant design should be a feast for both the eyes and the palate. However, some decorative elements like paintings or ornate chairs cost quite a bit and put a crunch on your budget. Despite this, there are some very simple steps you can take to add a burst of visual interest in your restaurant’s dining area: Linen Service suggests decorating with items such as linens and pottery—items you’d already buy for the restaurant. It’s an effective way to bring a beautiful design element into a space without adding extra expense.

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Holiday Restaurant Linen Shortage

A tragic story of a holiday restaurant linen shortage..

Don’t let your restaurant have a shortage of tablecloths and napkins this Holiday Season. Check out our rendition of Twas The Night Before Christmas!

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Are Your Restaurants Colors Chasing Your Customers Away?

Can the color of your restaurant really influence a customer’s decision on dining there?  Individual color perceptions can be affected by our age, nationality, and individual experiences. The warm colors of red, orange, yellow are usually considered energetic and stimulating, while the cool colors of blue, green, and purple are soothing and relaxing. Black, grey, white, and brown are seen as neutral.  Different cultures can have different reactions to certain colors, but for the most part in the US colors are interpreted the following ways:

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Why Should I Do Business With Your Linen Service Company?

Selling your Linen Service Company can be like a job interview.  As a potential candidate for the position it is your duty to go in and sell yourself to the employer as to why you are the best choice for their business.  This holds true for Linen Service companies too!  You, as a salesman, must go into a company and sell yourself to the business owner.  You have to explain why your company is the right choice for their business.  Be prepared to answer the following most important deal breaking question:

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Once Upon A Time Before Napkin Service

In A TIme Before Napkins

In A TIme BN (Before Napkins)

There is no doubt that a well-ironed linen napkin dignifies a dinner table and gives a touch of class and distinction to the dining experience.  But once upon a time, before napkins, princes and princesses used to wipe their hands after meals on their own clothing.  This was a time before utensils were even around so imagine that huge mess!  The Ancient Greeks used to wipe their hands clean with bread dough.  For families that were not wealthy this was not even an option.  The Ancient Romans used pieces of cloth they called Mappa as napkins. These napkins also doubled as “doggie bags” as they would wrap food to go in them too.

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