The Different Kinds of Hotel Uniforms You Need

There is no way to imagine hotels without hotel uniforms. Whether you’re running a small hotel or a massive international chain, uniforms are part of the job – and for good reason!

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What Is The Point Of Having A Hotel Linen Service Company?

Hotels are a perfect remedy to modern, hectic life. To begin the new life with excitement and joy the newlyweds head to hotel’s for honeymoon. Many couples on their honeymoon often stay at hotels and expect the hotel to supply them with world class quality hotel linen.

The choice of a couple’s honeymoon suite and hotel depends on the class, quality of the linen and facilities. Couples expect absolute pleasure and luxury in their private suites on their honeymoon.

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The Pros and Cons of Using Polyester in Your Hotel Linen

should you use polyester in your hotel linen

Written by Hannah Villarba and Grace Ducanis

Polyester linens are some of the most popular choices for hotel linens for obvious reasons. They are not only the more affordable alternative to higher-priced, high-thread count 100% cotton or linen hotel bedding products; they are also more durable, are virtually wrinkle-free and quick-drying, not to mention can easily blend with other materials.

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Does Thread Count Matter? Picking the Right Hotel Linens

You might assume that the strongest and best-quality fabrics have the highest thread count. Well, consider yourself warned: don’t fall for the thread count scheme! Don’t get sucked in by any so-called fancy feature! Focus on quality, not quantity.

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Resort Laundering Services- A Real Getaway from Operational Headaches

Resorts are a great way to escape and relax from the hectic lifestyle. People often prefer to go to the resorts to refresh their body and soul. Your guests often judge your establishment by the cleanliness of your bed linen, towels, table linens, floor mats, and uniforms of your employees.

Resort Laundry Services provide local convenience and the quick turn around of quality products. Clean, pressed linens, laundered with the proper amounts of starch are qualities your hotel guests will surely notice. Excellent stain release and fade resistant chemicals are factors your customers might not notice, but your staff surely will. Proper laundry care will also reduce the amount of new linen you need to purchase over time. Crisp whites and sharp colors will make staying in your resort different from the other local hotels and resorts who are just trying to “keep up with the linen load”.

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