Let’s talk about customers and how to keep them satisfied! This blog is going to discuss client concerns and how businesses like yours can better handle them.

5 Questions To Determine If Your Restaurant Needs To Evolve


Evolving Times for your Restaurant

Is it time to Evolve your restaurant?

In order to stay relevant with the times, companies including restaurants must evolve and do what works best for their customers.  Remember, your business needs to make them happy as they are the ones that make your company successful. New generations come with new requirements.  If you feel like you are losing clientele or have reached a plateau in your restaurant business you may want to consider a linen and or marketing “face lift”. There are many ways to tell if your business needs a little tweaking to keep up with the times, but here are our top 5 questions business owner’s should answer:

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Think Aprons Are Just For Restaurant Employees? Think Again.

Some of the first aprons were used to preserve industrial workers clothing such as carpenters, shoe shiners, tailors and more.  These smocks came in many different types to allow men in trades to do their work without worrying about ruining their own clothing.  Aprons used for hard labor were made of very sturdy materials that could withstand heavy laboring, like canvas type cloth and different types of leather materials.  It wasn’t until the 20th century that aprons became associated with women in the kitchen and became known the symbol of a housewife.

Housewife in her Apron

Aprons Were Worn By Housewives To Cook And Do Chores

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Why Should I Do Business With Your Linen Service Company?

Selling your Linen Service Company can be like a job interview.  As a potential candidate for the position it is your duty to go in and sell yourself to the employer as to why you are the best choice for their business.  This holds true for Linen Service companies too!  You, as a salesman, must go into a company and sell yourself to the business owner.  You have to explain why your company is the right choice for their business.  Be prepared to answer the following most important deal breaking question:

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Once Upon A Time Before Napkin Service

In A TIme Before Napkins

In A TIme BN (Before Napkins)

There is no doubt that a well-ironed linen napkin dignifies a dinner table and gives a touch of class and distinction to the dining experience.  But once upon a time, before napkins, princes and princesses used to wipe their hands after meals on their own clothing.  This was a time before utensils were even around so imagine that huge mess!  The Ancient Greeks used to wipe their hands clean with bread dough.  For families that were not wealthy this was not even an option.  The Ancient Romans used pieces of cloth they called Mappa as napkins. These napkins also doubled as “doggie bags” as they would wrap food to go in them too.

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How to Lose a Customer in 10 Days

In the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” Andy Anderson (played by Kate Hudson) did everything in her power to scare away Benjamin Barry (played by Matthew McConaughey) in order to make him break up with her.  Sometimes a business’s management as well as their service and sales department make similar mistakes with their customers.  Without realizing, they are making potential and existing customers “break up” with their company! Without customers, there is No Business, No Jobs and No Laundry.  Sometimes understanding what you’re doing wrong, instead of only focusing on what you can do right, can save your business and ultimately grow your total sales.

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