Get Your Business Out of the Dog House!

Save your business today!  Many business owners are never fully aware of the extent of the troubles their businesses are in until things are out of control and they are at the brink of losing the business altogether. While for the even more unfortunate ones, they have absolutely no idea what caused their troubles.

So in the name of today’s International Get Out of the Dog house Day here are the top 10 reasons why businesses fail.

10.  Bad customer service.  

You can’t please everyone, of course.  But one bad customer feedback after another can cause some serious damage to your business. There is an unwritten rule to do that politely, promptly, and in the best way.  Do a routine training of your personnel on customer service and periodically ask your satisfied clients to rate your service. Don’t let bad feedback pull you down; turn it around and use it to improve the quality of your business.

9. Poor marketing.

Don’t just wait for customers to walk through your door – you have to get them! Improve your marketing strategy – determine your target market, find out what they like, and use it to entice them to your services or your products. The best way to do this is hire an advertising company or an ad consultant to spearhead the department.

8. Mismanagement.

More often than not, business owners don’t understand that their own incompetence, inexperience, and maybe their being misguided cause the havoc within the business. If you’re a newbie owner, or if you find your current management strategies working for the worse than for the better, open your mind to some professional training and maybe even hiring an experienced business manager to help you out.

7. Internal conflicts.

This problem haunts businesses big and small. And you cannot take this lightly; internal division can affect productivity. If you find your employees fighting against each other, intervene as soon as possible. Also promote a healthy employee environment by not taking favorites, being fair in giving incentives, and always provide activities for bonding and team spirit among them.

6. Inadequate knowledge about the services and/or products that you offer.

The only way to provide your services and products the best way possible is if you know everything there is to know about them.  Don’t stop learning! Business’s always need to adapt new practices to keep up with their competition.

5. Improper financial handling.

Money makes any business go ‘round, and mishandling money can lead any business to a downward spiral. Make sure that you are always on top of your finances, that you know where each cent goes to and that it’s accounted for.

4. Outsourcing the wrong company.

While outsourcing is sometimes an essential part of running a business, what is even more essential is hiring the right company. To avoid making this costly mistake, consider getting a professional referral; for instance, in hiring a linen and uniform service company, you might want to get recommendations from experts like

3. Bad packaging.

What a lot of business owners fail to realize is that there is an exact science and art both to packaging their business; many of them fall into the DIY craze and hope against hope that their business would go as viral as the Pinterest idea it came from. This goes true with how you present and package your workforce so the right uniforms are just as important. So give your packaging a lot of thought and find the right people to partner with especially when it comes to uniforms.

2. Poor maintenance.

You cannot leave your business poorly maintained and expect your business to soar as it did when it was brand new. Put some money and effort into maintaining your workplace and keeping it in its best shape. This is especially important if your business has a storefront where clients directly go to; this is also important to make sure that your employees work in a conducive, comfortable environment.

1. Failure to compete.

Competition is the most common obstacle of every business. Some business owners fail because they compete without a plan; others lose in business because they do not compete at all. To successfully compete, you have to own knowledge of your market more than knowledge of your competition. Know what your market wants, not just what your competition can do, and offer exactly that. And keep knowing, keep improving, keep competing!

And for everything else, find the right people to partner with. For all your linen and uniform needs, go to!

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