Don’t Become Another Textile Industry Don Carlton

“When opportunity knocks, open the door.” That’s Don Carlton’s motto in the Disney Pixar movie “Monsters University”. Don is a mature student coming back to pursue a degree in scaring and a fresh start in life. He’s a little antiquated, and decided to go to school ‘to learn the computers’. The transition from working adult to “mature student” has not been without its challenges for Don.

Don was a salesman working in the Mid-West Textile Services Industry. Tough economic times left Don looking for new employment. He searched for different options and didn’t see many positive outcomes from other industries. The faculty at Monsters University quickly admired Don’s spirit but encouraged him to focus his energy toward a more appropriate major. The staff informed Don that he didn’t need an overhaul, just a tune up, something to make him a little more ‘relevant’ to the job market. Perhaps if Don had done more research and kept up to date with the latest textile news and technology – he would have performed better in Linen Services. This would have prevented him from losing his career in the later in life. Don simply did not evolve with the times and had to leave the industry.

Don't Become another Textile Industry Don Carlton

Don’t become another Textile Industry Don Carlton. It’s easy to get comfortable doing a job a certain way and not changing with the times. Do research and find out about the latest textile news by subscribing to industry related newsletters and online blogs. The internet is the a great resource because you can get thousands of results with just one search. You can find most up to date innovations, marketing tools and services being offered without leaving your office.

Participate in sales and marketing strategy meetings. Look for new sources of ideas and how you can improve your selling techniques by speaking with other people in the industry.

See what your competitors are offering. Perhaps they have ideas that you could implement in your sales pitch. You can also come up with your own spin off of what they are offering and make it better. This will definitely give you a one up to the competition and make you stand apart from the rest. Keep in touch with your existing customers – they always have referrals (and usually will change jobs every few years). Existing customers can have connections with new potential companies for you. Make sure you keep in touch regularly, but not too much, and remind them to keep you in mind if they know anyone who may need your services.

All in all, Don Carlton has a wise outlook on his life, “It’s never too late to make a change!”

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